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  1. I had the same problem on the weekend, tried resetting my password which was accepted but still wouldn’t work, rang Princess who reset it their end, working now hope that helps 😊
  2. Maybe it wasn’t Kelheim, maybe my memory has gone haywire 😁 I know we sailed all morning until we met the passengers off their tour, think Kelheim was later on the trip 😁 Yes all the Christmas markets are crowded ...🎄 something to do with tourists and Christmas 😁 but apparently the main market in Vienna is very crowded on weekends due to many local visitors coming for a day trip ...still magical though
  3. Hello, We have just returned from the Viking Romantic Danube Christmas market trip sailing from Budapest on the 6th December, we had previously sailed on the Rhine with Viking (December 2017) Which was a wonderful trip, sadly this one did not meet our expectations : Budapest - Boarded Friday all good, however if you did not wish to participate in the included or optional tours on Saturday you had to stay on board as the boat was moved to Kelheim and picked up the tour passengers at lunchtime there, this was only pointed out on the Friday evening Vienna - beautiful did included tour, afternoon shuttle bus to Rathaus Christmas market, stunning but very very busy Krems - Gottweig abbey amazing, don’t bother with the additional apricot dumpling class 19euros wasted too much time Passau - due to low water levels we had to change boats here, we’ll organised by Viking but annoying that due to coach transfers we didn’t have much time to spend in Passau, it was all very rushed Regensburg - we’re looking forward to a day exploring including the 4 Christmas markets, however boat again had to move (1pm)to another area and if we had wanted to stay in Regensburg the only option was to stay all afternoon until the one and only shuttle bus picked you up at 5.15pm very dissappointed as Regensburg is stunning and we would have loved to explore Nuremberg - woke up to find we were in an industrial unpicturesque area...you won’t see that view in the brochure! included tour took you into Nuremberg in the afternoon and we left the tour to explore the fantastic Christmas market..wow !!! So glad we did or we wouldn’t have had enough time before the coach back to the ship, the alternative was pay for a taxi yourself Whilst I enjoyed the places we visited we felt rushed and unable to explore at leisure which was what we had enjoyed on the Rhine, we also felt the itinerary we had been given did not reflect reality with all the moving of the ship. We sailed on both the Viking Var and Viking Tor
  4. Great review ! We’ve booked this trip for October 2020 and can’t wait 😊 Happy cruising !
  5. Any idea when the Japan November 2021 itineraries will be released ?
  6. Hi, We will be coming from the uk, we looked at this tour as it seems to cover all the places we’d like to see in 5 days, although it’ll only be a quick taste it will give us a reason to return again one day ! We fell in love with Canada and the Canadians last year when we were in Vancouver & cant wait to explore some more 🇨🇦
  7. Hi, We are thinking of doing the 5 day cruisetour from Toronto to Quebec City prior to our cruise and wonder if anyone has any advice or comments on this trip, we did the Princess Alaska cruisetour last year and it was wonderful ! Happy cruising !
  8. Thanks Coral, was contemplating the October 22nd cruise but maybe that’s too late ! As everyone has said, so many factors to consider and hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to see some fall colours somewhere fingers crossed ‘mother nature’ will oblige ! but whatever happens we’re going to have a fantastic holiday visiting amazing ports on a beautiful ship.....counting my blessings 😊
  9. Loving all the wonderful advice 😊 thank you so much for taking the time to reply, and Jersey42 the photo is beautiful 😊 Am now thinking maybe I need to go later than October 2nd ....oh for a crystal ball 😁
  10. Hi everyone, We are currently planning a trip for October 2020 and are looking for some advice : We would really like to maximise seeing the fall colours (bucket list tick 😊) and were thinking of travelling in the direction Quebec to New York ( Cruise starting 2nd October ) ?? is that too early /too late or should we be going in the other direction ?? We will be flying over from London and thought to fly London to Montreal (4nights Montréal) then train from Montreal to Quebec City (stay Quebec City 3 nights) ?? Any must sees or advice gratefully received 😊 Happy cruising everyone !
  11. Thank you for all the replies I’m feeling a bit more comfortable about booking now & so is my husband
  12. Good morning, We are thinking of doing the Dubai to Malta cruise next March, we have never been to this area and I have read all the advice on what to wear, no holding hands etc, but wonder if anyone has any experiences they could share re this area. My husband lives in shorts and I wonder whether he would need to wear trousers all the time ? I have read several reviews but none seem to cover ‘clothing’ Any experiences re the cruise or the culture would be welcome. Happy cruising!
  13. I was also on the recent Azura cruise (3rd May) I hadn’t booked a tour in Guernsey but went to the Meridian at about 8.30 obtained a tender ticket and was off the ship and on the shore by 9 am getting onto the tender was a bit ‘challenging’ and very rocky but coming back in the afternoon was much better. I bought a bus pass for the day £5 and had a lovely day exploring 😊
  14. I’m sailing on Azura today too and just checked the port departures and Azura is now not leaving until 21.30, looks like they’re waiting until the worst of the storm has passed ....very relieved 😅 but will still take my stugeron !!
  15. I’m also relieved to see some positive feedback on Azura, I sail on Saturday 😊 & all the negative comments were starting to worry me, although I’ve had no problem with Azura in the past. Happy cruising 😎
  16. We went on it last June, really good trip 😊 driver full of information and stories the scenery was beautiful ...despite the rain
  17. Was trying to research one of the Med destinations.... who knew ? Copenhagen, St Petersburg and Visby come up as Med ports 😬😂
  18. Thank you I’ll have a look 😊 thank goodness for cruise critic 😊
  19. It’s like the Cunard site (that’s awful too) but when I asked to look at all the fly cruises for the Med next year between April and Sept it told me to put in a cruise code ?? & when I didn’t I couldn’t get any further ?? hopeless! Bring back the old web site ...please !
  20. Ooh yes the lemon meringue sundae !! ❤️
  21. We debated long and hard on inside or ocean view for our Southbound Alaska and ended up with a carefully chosen partially obstructed ocean view ...we were so glad we did, we saw so much wildlife just from our window ....wonderful !! Hope you have an amazing time !!!! it’s fantastic 😊
  22. I’m loving it too, how wonderful to hear the plus points for once, we need more threads like this ! I’ve been very fortunate to have been cruising with P&O since the days of the Canberra and yes, I’ve seen many changes......... but cruising with P&O to me is like coming ‘home’ and even though there may be ‘little irritations’ there really is no place like ‘home’ ..... & I still get that buzz when I drive into Southampton dock and see my ship 😀 Happy cruising everyone !
  23. Hope you’ve managed to have a lovely holiday despite the ‘issues’ and have enjoyed the sunshine in Lanzarote 😎 I’m sailing on Azura later this month & although I’ve cruised a lot this is my first ‘solo’ cruise and I had planned to curl up with a film in the evenings. Although I gather from your post the tv is now working, when it wasn’t, were the ‘on demand’ films still available ? Happy cruising !
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