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  1. Covid protocols are changing all the time. SSCA my husband and I were charmed by the idea your children will care for your "stuff" while you travel the world spending their inheritance!! 😃 As for the people who are being so picky I suggest you read the very first post from SSCA. He says he has travelled on SS before and is certainly entitled to do so again as is anyone else who wishes to. Recently on the SS Passengers FB page a number of people have asked if SS passengers are too posh or over the top for them, they have been assured this is not the case but this thread does make me wonder how many "picky" people there are. Fortunately we have never met them and only ever been received as "ordinary" folks lucky enough to be able to travel on SS and once needing to slightly "bend" the rules with regard to formal attire due to the cruise being a very small part of a world wide travel experience. I am sure there is a simple solution for SSCA and Silversea will help him out as necessary.
  2. Well goodness me how dare you consider travelling the world without a jacket and worse to have the temerity to consider travelling on Silversea without one! 😄 Dont worry my husband left our cabin on formal night on one ship wearing just a white shirt, bow tie and dark trousers, we were immediately accosted by our butler who said if necessary he could find a jacket for my husband to wear. How fantastic to leave behind your old lifestyle and travel the world. I envy you your proposed peripatetic future and am sure you will have a wonderful time even on SS!!
  3. Patience is key. The Cloud and the Explorer are on their way south as we speak so thats two ships for the Southern summer. British Airways are not offering daily flights to SCL and may not be flying there at all but from UK or Europe there are several other options albeit via other capital cities in Europe not ideal but what is in these difficult times. Hang in there folks.
  4. Havent sailed on Seabourn but I dont understand so many references to social climbing and snobbery which have appeared on this and other sites recently. We are very ordinary UK pensioners, we sailed on SS to Antarctica via Falklands and South Georgia in 2011 choosing SS because of the itinerary and we havent looked back. We usually do expedition cruises but have done one classic trip too and we meet all sorts of people some lovely, some wonderful, some awful and some downright rude but thats life. We take it in our stride, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself and usually all will be well. We avoid anyone we dont like and this works fine. All these lines are costly but we save for our trips and choose them for the itineraries and then we just get on to the ships and have a great time.
  5. We all need to cut SS some slack, they are probably running around like headless chickens trying to keep up wih the various countries' requirements vis a vis covid in addition to the fact that a passengers nationality and point of origin also has to be taken into account. Nothing like this has ever happened before and hopefully when we get out the other side of the current situation nothing similar will ever happen again but you can never say never. In the meantime patience is key to sanity.
  6. No silver boxes? Why on earth would SS be wasting money on printing itineraries and sending them out at a time when countries all over the world are changing their Covid restrictions at the drop of a hat. A voyage journal in a lovely silver box is pointless at this point in time. Its very sad as the arrival of a silver box is wonderful in the run up to a cruise but its just another "suck it up" moment associated with Covid. Maybe in 2022 we will all be able to get back to normal but I am not sure about that either. Fingers crossed most of us get to cruise to our destinations of choice or to sail on some alternative but still with the same comfort and joy you get on SS ships.
  7. Barbara M has just put a post on the Silversea Passengers Facebook page to say that their systems are down including telephones, they are working to fix it and send their apologies. So no need for conspiracy theories.
  8. A couple of layers and fleece pullover will be fine for travel/arrival at Punta Arenas and your parka will be in your cabin when you get into it on the ship. The parka is so useful later both as a wind/waterproof outer, as a good winterproof jacket when the outer and inner are worn in tandem and the inner makes a lightweight extra outer layer which works for cooler days or even quite cold days, the technology which has gone into the filling of the inner means it works well on cool and really quite cold days and I am truly a chilly mortal so feel well qualified to talk it up!!
  9. All best discussed with your travel agent or your SS representative, a very complex set of questions but I will try to answer in brief. SS make all things possible if they can. If you book travel through SS you pay at the same time as you pay for your cruise, you may pay a supplement for upgraded travel. Reimbursement is as per the booking terms and conditions which are a bit of a moving feast at the moment although apparently settling a bit as the world slowly moves towards "normality". Amending date of travel (going early or coming back after end of cruise) is possible, sometimes incurs an amendent fee but if requested well in advance tends not to. Number of changes? Depends where you are travelling from and to and also if you have a preference as to which airline you fly with. So still lots of unanswered questions there I am afraid.
  10. I understand what you are saying but Darwin down to Adelaide seems too counter intuitive as we are flying back to UK via Singapore which is a relatively short flight from Adelaide! But, it was someone's comment on this website which encouraged me to do the whole of the Indian Pacific rather than just getting off in Adelaide to join the Ghan so until a bit nearer the time it is a case of never say never!
  11. We have booked Auckland to Sydney for February 2023 on Whisper. Having been to N. Island NZ a couple of years back we are keen to see South Island but no longer have a big appetite to drive about so a cruise seemed a good way to fulfill this ambition plus a follow up stay in Oz catching first the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth, stay a few days then back track to Adelaide to pick up the Ghan (yes we love trains) to Darwin. En route back to UK we intend to stop off in Singapore for tea at Raffles (they were closed for refurbishment the last time we went). Watching Michael Portillo's great train journeys TV programmes this week has more than stirred our excitement for the trip.
  12. The UK has just lifted entry restrictions for fully vaccinated US and European travellers.
  13. You may be right but I dont propose to squeak just yet, plenty of time for that when things start to settle down, I am sure I will get them in due course! I enjoyed free laundry on my last trip and will continue to do so for some time to come before I am due any further loyalty reward.
  14. I dont see any sign of our VS loyalty credit for our cancelled cruise for January this year and I was thinking maybe it doesnt actually matter because I am unlikely to reach the next milestone (240 days) but then I got to thinking that with the credit (not yet showing) plus the days I currently have booked for the next two years I will be closer to 200 rather than 100 days so maybe, just maybe achieving the 250 mark is not so unlikely! Provided I remain fit and well into into my eighties then I will reach the heady heights of 250 plus days subject of course to the pension funds remaining extant! Oh happy days on SS ships how much I look forward to our return to sea next spring. I havent chased our consultant for the missing loyalty days at the moment as I suspect he has more than enough on his plate trying to arrange and rearrange and rearrange this years cruisers, plenty of time for me to chase him when the current situation has eased. 😀
  15. We too will be so sad when Explorer goes. We did our first trip on her in 2011 and have done nearly 100 days over the ensuing years. She is just the loveliest little ship with, as others have said, so many comfy spots to settle down in peace and enjoy the relaxed ambience. A real expedition feel to her which is not replicated on the Cloud. The small number of passengers ensures you get to speak to everyone and make many friends in a very short space of time. She will be a great loss.
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