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  1. Since cruising is up and running again. I'm looking for a hotel with shuttle service to the port. Any recommendations? Also, have anyone else noticed how expensive it is per night at most hotels?
  2. I can not wait to get back aboard a ship. We will be sailing for DH's birthday/our anniversary.
  3. Wow every thing sounds yummy. I will definitely try it next time. Thanks guys!
  4. Also, I didn’t download the UPS app until after I purchased. Now last night I ordered two more cards. This morning I received a message from UPS about a delivery. I’m not sure which card(s) it is.
  5. Hello all. I ordered a card on 3/6 and still nothing. Should I be worried? If no one is home when UPS comes, they should leave a slip right? Thanks
  6. I purchased the gift cards and called in to Carnival and they added them to my account. When I got onboard the money was already on my S&S card. No problem.
  7. Thank you guys sooooo much! I went from 7,000 points this morning to 35,000. It only took about 5 minutes. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
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