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  1. I live in FL, went to Disney in Sept and indeed it was 90 degrees. It feels hotter in the parks. It's suposed to be 91 tomorrow. Yeah, it's hot
  2. My knee jerk response is sign me up, but honestly, I do not want to wear a mask in warm climates. We went to Disney World a few months ago and had to wear a mask in 90 degree weather and it was the pits. I think I'm going to wait until we aren't required to wear masks
  3. We mainly cruise X, but I was wondering if there are other ships that have a bar on the back of the ship like X ships do? My husband loves the Sunset Bar, and we have cruised on Royal, MSC and Norwegian ships and none of them seemed to have something that is like the Sunset Bar. Sometimes it's more of a pool bar which is definitely not the vibe he likes. When we cruised on Royal, he headed right to the back of the ship we ere on only to discover there was a buffet, and not even outside seating. Haven't looked at Princess or any other lines.
  4. FTR, I booked through a TA (the NH one). When I found out my cruise was cancelled, I called the TA who said I could file for the refund or they would do it for me. I chose to file and received my refund this week. When we started using a TA for cruises, I did find it strange that you have to go through the TA for just about everything, but once we figured out which things we use the TA for (e.g.bev package upgrades) and which things we can do through Celebrity (e.g. special needs requests) it hasn't been a problem for us. And the extra perks you get booking through a TA outweigh the small inco
  5. Got my refund today. Here's the details for others who are waiting: Cruise to Alaska for 5/29 was cancelled 3/26. Requested refund through the form 3/28. Called two weeks ago to check on status. Was told it should it hit my CC on May 12. The refund showed up on 5/18, but the proceesing date on my CC read 5/13. The refund was in 5 amounts, 2 equal amounts for the deposit (I assume for my husband and I), 2 equal amounts for the fare, and 1 amount for taxes and port fees. Added it up and it came out to exactly what I paid.
  6. It looks like people who requested refunds around 3/24 are seeing refunds. We requested a refund on 3/28 after our 5/29 cruise was cancelled. Hopefully the refund will come in the next week. Checking my cc account several times a day
  7. Our 5/29 Alaska cruise was cancelled at the end of March. I submitted the refund request form on 3/28. Nothing back yet. My husband called 2 weeks ago and they told us our refund would show up on our CC on May 12. Yesterday (May 12) I got an email from X saying that all my shore excursions were cancelled and to expect a refund in 1-2 billing cycles. I had only booked my shore excursions with my OBC, so that long email was pretty meaningless, but now I am concerned that rather than getting my refund in 30 days from the day I cancelled, that email seemed to suggest that all refunds would come i
  8. Called Celebrity this morning. They found my refund request, which was placed on March 28. They said the credit will be on my CC on May 12. We will see.
  9. Has anyone who didn't file a dispute on their CC gotten a refund? I really hate going in that direction.its been nearly 30 days.
  10. Mine has been crickets. Called a couple of weeks ago since I have heard nothing directly from X. TA was surprised I didnt get a notification from X. Sent me the notice with the link which I filled out requesting a refund. The only communication I have had from the TA are mass emails saying that they have to work remotely (join the club!) And that they are prioritizing calls and emails by sail date. The only reason I use a TA at all is that they throw in extra perks. I was really hoping for more service but at this point I'll be happy just to get my money back
  11. I was totally understanding at the beginning of all this that perhaps they were having a cash crunch, with so many cancellations. But RC secured a huge line of credit over 2 weeks ago, so money should be flowing again. No reason that it should take weeks or months to process a refund. Almost every other thing associated with my cancelled cruise was refunded within a week. I did LOL when I got an email from United that they would be refunding the taxes from my cancelled flight (bought with miles). The email said that I would receive a refund after a "rigorous review by their accoun
  12. I realize that the situation is fluid and travel companies are changing policy almost daily, but they really should be refunding all the fees that they charged people before changing the policy. Not good PR that because one person waited, they get benefit of the new policy, where everyone who cancelled prior does not.
  13. Last week we called United to cancel our flight to Seattle in May because our cruise was cancelled. We used miles to purchase the award tickets Was told that we could receive a credit and change fees would be waived, but if we simply wanted to redeposit our miles they were still charging $125 per ticket redeposit fee and would only waive the fee if the flight was cancelled by United. Yesterday I received an email from United saying that they were "relaxing" their policy and were waiving the redeposit fee. I'm guessing they got some backlash. I just cancelled and redeposited online.
  14. FTR, I never recieved any comunication from X at all. The only reason I knew my cruise was cancelled was from these boards, and then confirming it on the X website. I called my TA and asked what to do and she was surprised I hadn't received an email from X. She sent me a copy with the link so I went in and requested a refund. I still think it's weird I have not received any notification at all from X that the cruise has been cancelled. They never emailed notified me about the CWC program either. Again, I learned about it on these boards and confirmed on the X website. I'm sorry, I realize that
  15. I filled out the form for my refund on March 26, so I am expecting to wait the 30 days. All my other refunds for things associated with my cruise have posted. I do find it disconcerting that when I submitted the from online, there was no page that came up with a case or tracking number and no email acknowledgement. That's pretty standard with most online transactions. Did anyone get any kind of acknowledgement that their request had been received?
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