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  1. Royal began this policy late last week on August 19th to begin on September 3rd due to the Bahamian government's rule that NO ship passenger - regardless of the cruise line - unvaccinated age 12 and up are not permitted in the country. The ship must submit a manifest prior to docking that shows ALL passengers 12 and up are vaccinated, and if they can't do that, the ship is not allowed to port, and includes private destinations which means Coco Cay. If you are age 12 or older, you must be fully vaccinated or Royal will not allow you to board. Per Michael Bayley, Royal's CEO: "The Bahamas has introduced a Executive order which only allows cruise ships to enter any Bahamian port (including private destinations) only if all guests over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. Effective September 3rd. So what does it mean ! Along with the USVI order a couple of weeks ago it means all of our ships sailings from Florida and from all USA ports and ports around the world require all eligible guests to be fully vaccinated. Only kids (under 12 from USA ports) who cannot yet be vaccinated can sail subject to testing and protocols."
  2. Be sure you scroll allllllllllllllllllll the way down to just about the last page of your docs to find your luggage tage, it's around page 19!
  3. I must disagree with the comment that the roast beef sandwich can only be found on Oasis Class.The roast beef sandwich at the Park Cafe on BOTH Enchantment and Brilliance were amazing and met all of our expectations after hearing about the sandwich for years. We'll be on Freedom soon and are disappointed there isn't a Park Cafe and hope we will able to get our yummy roast beef sandwich at the Promenade Cafe.
  4. The Dream is a Disney ship, and with this being a Royal Caribbean board and never having sailed Disney, I'm not able to help!
  5. This was posted day before yesterday on the RCI blog. If your ooops newly booked cruise is before July 31, 2020, you may cancel and get a future cruise credit that's good through 2021.
  6. We were just there last Thursday (Brilliance) and Navigator was docked as well. It was a GORGEOUS day, and we LOVED the Beach Club. Plenty of loungers, great wait staff to take care of us all, restaurant food was delicious, & over all, we had a fantastic day! Very well done and can't wait to go back! Best $39.99 x 2 I've spent in a loooooong time!
  7. We were just on Brilliance last week and our Cruise Director was Dan. I forget his last name but he was terrific!
  8. YES! We were there last Thursday & it was fabulous! They really did a great job with it & we're looking forward to going back! The restaurant as well was impressive and the food was delicious. All in all, We LOVED it 🙂
  9. We're in Tulsa, too, Tulsacoker, booked on Brilliance in two weeks! Ashley, my advice is to CALL the TA, not email, & if no response by tomorrow, call RCI and explain what your travel agent did, offer to send a copy of your email to the TA where you simply asked about a specific sailing, NOT told the TA to book it. Hopefully they'll be able to correct the issue and answer any other questions you have. I'd also find a new TA ASAP.
  10. Brilliance was just rerouted late this afternoon to Cozumel and Costa Maya after leaving Key West due to the same weather system. We're on her in two weeks, it'll be interesting to see what happens. When we initially booked, we were going to Cozumel but they changed the itinerary to Coco Cay and Nassau.
  11. Hi Kitty! Depending on where you're staying, you might check into the streetcar which is free & goes to the port. We're staying at the Marriott in February and will be taking it as it stop in front of the hotel. http://www.tecolinestreetcar.org/#/home Hope you enjoy the Dawn as much as we did - we were on her to Bermuda for our 10th wedding anniversary.
  12. While we're disappointed at the loss of time in Key West, we're actually happy with the itinerary change as we're not particularly fond of Cozumel. We actually chose this cruise because 1) having lived in Tampa for years, I've always wanted to sail underneath the bridge, 2) we've never been to Key West, 3) my husband has never been to Nassau & while everyone on here seems to hate Nassau, I happen to love it. Always have. And, I get to have a beach day at the hotel where I spent a week during my spring break back in 1974 & looking forward to being back! Last time we were in Nassau I had to sacrifice that day as my daughter wanted to swim with the dolphins (which we really enjoyed), but - THIS time, I'm returning to my beloved hotel & beach. I'm a little apprehensive about Coco Cay as I loved it the way it was before but looking forward to the new adventure!
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