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  1. Thanks for the 19£ find -- though thats only a 1£ saving from my pcr in 2 weeks .. Heres hoping if this stays as the norm through 2022 this can be simply absorbed into the price and organized onboard.. My sail for next week has been stress city not so much because its difficult to do but the cruise companies letters and the govt plf website seem to be giving you different info at the same time.. mainly due to certain cruise companies mixing the words "later - from - prior - within - before" sometimes in the same paragraph.. 🙂
  2. As usual its a bit swings and roundabouts - next weeks cruise with FO were oaying 20£ for a day 2 PCR with Eurofins - Our Cunard Dec is showing at £30 for the new lateral test.. so more expensive.. Fingers crossed by the P&0 march this whole thing will be smoothed to included or scrapped if jabbed
  3. Thats good to know and have confirmed.. The agent I spoke to knew nothing about it and asked me to ring back next week.
  4. Why do I find it no surprise that 24hrs after the email stating its now 30 days we get another email this morning saying our balance is due in a week or so for a Jan cruise (Direct booking with Cunard)... LOL
  5. Looks like jaxques twitter account seems to be indicating the explorer ships will be staying around Europe and the UK for the rest of the year
  6. Here's a copy of the letter we got in the cabin.. I,ll have to link to my twit as trying to put images on the forum from a mobile is next to impossible.. is it still broken.https://twitter.com/HHBarn/status/1424024534097842190?s=19
  7. Seems more like a pacifying Govt PR lift than an actual meaningful lift.. What cruise company can actually sail anywhere with the lift when the red, amber, amber +, green (and coming soon about every other colour no doubt)traffic light system still means anything can change anytime.. I cant see a cruise company taking the risk its itinerary cant be remotely guaranteed (its less an issue for a staycation(god i hate that word))
  8. Also makes sense now the school hols have really started.. I suspect they can see that there are more minors on the next bookings
  9. Email update tonight from Celeb.. ALL ages will now need a PCR test (though they do not need to pre register and will be done at the port) is the gist of it.. Guests of all ages will now be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within three days of embarkation. A negative test result may be displayed as either an RT-PCR or PCR test. Instructions for PCR testing will be provided via email in advance of your sailing. Guests can book a complimentary PCR test via the Eurofins service also offered by Celebrity Cruises. Unvaccinated children, aged 17 and under, will also be required to take an antigen test at the terminal prior to embarkation and on the day before disembarkation. Overall, for unvaccinated children, this will be a three-step testing process. Children aged 6 months – 17 years do not need to pre-register for their antigen test. Registration and the antigen testing will be completed at the terminal. This will be a complimentary rapid test and results will be available within 30 minutes. Guests aged below 6 months are not permitted to travel.
  10. This ones driving me mad -= is it silver slamon as I cant think of any other thats wrong
  11. Anyone know when these would actually start to appear on sale?
  12. DJ is packed and ready here.. Been sat in casual for far to long.. Only problem is my shirts seem to have shrunk in the wardrobe..
  13. Yes -- you can even cancel it on line before you go (though it may then turn into OBC) - I cant remember if its the same if you cancel onboard.
  14. Bare in mind depending on your CC level you will get a discount on the drinks upgrade by pre booking it (you should have or will get an email for that).. Think it starts at 5% and rises to about 20% (Im sure someone will know exactly)
  15. I seriously doubt a few pounds here and there for trips is going to make much of a dent in the black hole of debt being carried at the moment. Especially with so few people on board 50% of whom probably wont be taking a trip. Its the same reason you cant drive up to a cruise ship and just get on without a test.. Its pretty simple - the cruise line has to protect the staff - if it goes beyond a certain % of cases they have to pause ops.. Some lines seem to be starting to allow and I suspect it will soon be back to norm but we have already seen Cunard have to pull one cruise. TBF They have moved the price down so many times now I think my OBC from the best offer has actually paid for the trips 🙂
  16. As no more rooms seem to have gone on sale(other than those that appeared aafter peeps moved Jul to August when the itin changed) it seems they are sticking with as they were - plus I'm guessing they cant just magic more staff out of a top hat.. Virtuosa is a different comparison as is Iona - those ships literally are empty with 1000 onboard but they still required a certain staff lvl I suspect they have more wiggle room
  17. Its worth it not to be drinking wine paint stripper with your meals - never mind the other benefits..
  18. Looking at the various tweets from the first cruise it seems to be DJs at the ready 🙂 PS can anyone tell me what the wine by the glass selection is on the premium package compared to the basic - I cant find an up to date photo of a wine menu (which I suppose is hardly suprising)
  19. Absolutely DJ and Evening Dresses here.. Spent way to long in PJs and Gardening clothes staring at walls.. Sometimes retirement doesnt have advantages
  20. This is one of those things that going to be quite affected by how they are handling VAT on the bottle and the service.. If its always VAT no matter how far out the ship is sailing I suspect your better pre purchasing..And Yes you can buy one as its a set amount
  21. A certain number of first nights are available for each cruise(youll find these on your my cruise page - when there gone there gone).. You may find the offer is also given onboard for other nights based on capacity (though never for Murano)
  22. Sounds like a copy of DIsneys WDW new policy - though in DIsneys case its charge more each year and reduce housekeeping to every other day with the only other option being of none at all!!!!
  23. Has anyone managed to get the drinks package to upgrade online - I just keep getting some guest ID error and a long number - then again I'm trying to remember if anything works on Celebs web pages correctly on a Sunday
  24. You can do a PCR test with a portable lab - takes 30mins or so and sort of conveyrbelt xray spinner thingy - to be technical (NOT) 🙂 - Its not suitable for en masse though
  25. Not sure they are saying that - there saying if your free Eurofins one hasnt worked in time So it looks like everyone who takes the supplied Eurofins now gets a get out of jail free card if it doesnt work in time - but if you go solo for a a test your a bit on your own.. I think I'll still keep the Boots one booked as an option as the Eurofins one is in the next town in a tiny travel agent - not sure if there opening hours will suit
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