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  1. The TA says RC says we can once released, so that is why I was wondering. If not I take the last week in April, lol
  2. I was shifting a may 2021 to a may 2022. I already shifted an April 2021 to April 2022. The to check back later to shift I was wondering when they might release since I need to shift a 2 bedroom aqua theater suite.
  3. In a normal world, when would the May-December 2022 schedule be released? Looking to lift and shift a cruise from May 2021 to May 2022, but it is not released yet. Thanks!
  4. I will call them in November once our trip is cancelled by RC. I am sure it will be, but was trying to plan ahead. Thanks for your help and happy crusin!
  5. We used FCC from April and then paid a little bit more to upgrade to star class. So i assume if they cancel then they would get FCC for the whole amount or maybe FCC and refund on the cash part if RC cancels us. We got a 2 bedroom ATS for $11,900, which was a deal for the 4 of us. I have the same room next May and it is $14K, so I would love to cancel the May one, take the FCC and then move the people from May to the November 2021 trip and save $3K. If not, it was a good idea at the time. 🙂
  6. We might have to Lift and shift to next year if RC cancels our November cruise, which was a reschedule from April that they cancelled. This was a girls trip, so we really just want a trip, LOL I know a couple of us may not be able to go, but would like to keep the same star class cabin with the lift and shift. If some have to cancel, can we replace them with the new guests (pay the fare) and the ones that cancel would get their FCC back to use at a later date? Thought maybe someone else has done this and might have an answer rather than wait on hold for a maybe correct answer with
  7. If you had a genie and got Coco Cay beach club passes, was your genie able to reserve the chairs you wanted?
  8. Still waiting from a cruise they cancelled on 3-24.
  9. Thank you, I will call again. The 3 other times I have spoke with someone they say the rep said no. Good news to see it in print! Happy cruising...well one day, LOL
  10. No, we picked FCC after they cancelled us. So they are saying, we chose FCC (which we did originally), but now would like cash refund and they say no.
  11. RC cancelled us on 3-24 for 4-26. I opted for FCC because that is what my girlfriends wanted. I later asked for a refund as I thought it would be better to have the money while we decide. I have not received any FCC yet and "C" Travel agent called 3 times to see if I could now get cash not FCC. All 3 times they were told, that I picked FCC so that is all I get. Too late to switch. Our new deposit is due next week and we have no FCC or refund....
  12. I have two cruises on "hold". Waiting to see where this pandemic goes and will adjust which one we go with. I really like that we can hold cabins while this all plays out.
  13. I am kinda glad it won't get that ugly slide at the back of the ship. Allure is my favorite of the Oasis class ships!
  14. The new show is not in the planner to book, LOL Oh well, I am sure there will be no issues seeing it once onboard. We are in a suite, so we will just try to show up.
  15. I am considering using my points to book a cruise. Can you tell me what that process looks like?
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