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  1. Thats what I was thinking. Thanks so much! In your past experience do you think they will keep cats or move in another direction? LOL
  2. Thanks, do you also happen to know if it is an advantage to booking a 4th unknown person (TBD) now or adding a person at a later date? Cruise is next late April. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if they are changing out cats for another broadway show? Need to book either Harmony or Oasis for next year. I have done both ships, but really like the shows, so the show is important to me (also bringing along newbies to Royal). Thanks so much!
  4. On Oasis/Harmony can you put a roll away bed in the Grand Suite (so 2 adult women don't have to share a sofa bed) and if there are 3-4 people per cabin does EVERYONE have to purchase the drink package or can some by the drink package and the others who don't drink buy the soda package or can they just not buy any package (one is diamond). Thanks!
  5. My friend and I just went and her daughters last name does not match. We were told to bring the original birth certificate. No one ever even asked for it. Better to have too much info than not enough. As a matter of fact her daughter was assigned to my room and my daughter with her, so we could get my diamond discount. The rep never even ask me where is the mom, LOL Happy cruising!
  6. I was in 7240 and it didn't make into a bed. The Spa suites are for only 2 people. I liked that it had the toilet separate from the shower bathroom. Lots of storage and great location.Have a great time!
  7. Our girls had this cabin last month on Allure. Great views, but the room seemed small (maybe because my friend and I stayed in a Junior suite, LOL). Great cabin attendant as well! Cabin in 2nd pic is the 3rd one up from the bottom.
  8. I would love it if they even had a ship there part of the year. I would cruise more if I didn't have to tack on thousands of dollars to get my family to a port across the country. I will cross my fingers it will happen soon!
  9. I have booked 3 JS or WS guarantees so far. First one was within 48 hours, next one within the week and now this last one was 5 days before sailing. ALL JS, no upgrades (I am Diamond if that matters). Happy Cruising!
  10. Finally got our cabin today. Junior suite on Deck 8 (can fit up to 4 but there are only 2 of us).
  11. I was saying that it would not apply if you booked any guarantee cabin, only if you picked your own cabin. Otherwise like you say there is no way to guarantee they will be nearby. You can't book two minors in a cabin alone as a guarantee as well.
  12. This would not apply to a guarantee room but 2 rooms you pick in advance.
  13. You could always book you and one kid in one room and your wife with another kid in the other room. We do this and then put all the kids together. Only need to get a new key card. This way the room does not have to be right across or next to exactly. Good luck!
  14. I got a Junior Suite both other times. I did move my location both times (not that the location was terrible, just wanted a different side of the ship, LOL). I am good with any cabin at this point. The girls have the very end cabin closest to the aqua theater on deck 10, so we get to enjoy both views this time!
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