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  1. If arrive around 10:30 - we did in May. Was onboard in 35 minutes. Best embarkation we’ve ever had actually,
  2. I believe reefs are an issue at GC, no? Of course being GC they might just drill pillars through the reef ....
  3. $80m for a pier installation isn’t much actually so the other changes will likely just be updates. But yes let us freak freak out because they’re adding something that on'y enhances the stop for both crew and customers.
  4. Increase the HSC. If you leave money behind and don’t do that, honestly shame.
  5. They still do. For instance: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/P1J20B/M110.html
  6. A button up shirt and chinos works for Gaia night so no fear having to go elsewhere. There is a deducted vegetarian menu in the MDR, ask your waiter and they’ll bring it. It has some great items?
  7. There is priority boarding but you get no priority going through customs and immigration - my guess is that’s what the HAL rep mentioned.
  8. This won’t work, unless they wait. Eidfjord is a WONDERFUL town to go on a long, meandering walk/hike.
  9. In late May we arrived at Canada Place around 10:15 and were onboard by 11:10. It was the easiest embarkation we have ever had.
  10. Ketchikan with five! Our Volendam cruise in May was in Ketchikan with 5 ships and it was a miserable experience.
  11. Rich, glad you had a great trip!
  12. There were no totes on Volendam in late May but I asked our steward the next to last night about them and that night two were on the bed after turndown.
  13. GE is the best travel invention since the airplane. But if you live near the Canadian border, Nexus is the best option. Cheaper and allows more expedited access.
  14. Cuba usually doesn’t stamp, they’ll have you a little card instead. It could jeopardize your next Global Entry or Nexus application though because America is now is uber petty.
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