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  1. Princess has cancelled through May 10.....given they're the same country I assume its a matter of time till Carnival makes the same announcement?
  2. Have any of the Asian cruise terminals have reopened? I am still afraid that they close terminals and there's no way back!
  3. What's the chances they end up closing the ports / cancelling everything!?
  4. I am booked on a cruise in April, but with all the headlines, I am starting to get concerned - the combination of Covid and the potential to get stuck on onboard seems unappealing. That said, the credit doesn't help that much because I would also take a flight cancellation fee ... With everything going on, are you planning to cruise or cancel and why? I understand that there are other forum topics on this, but I don't think any of them included a poll to make it easier to see what most people are doing
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