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  1. I never understood why they picked that age as a cut off. There are lots of younger people with health problems who likely would be at higher risk and a healthy person 70 or older.
  2. Thanks for posting. Going on the Encore to Bermuda in June.
  3. Thank you! Will be leaving for a Canada/New England cruise and Bar Harbor is one of the stops. Hoping we can get there!
  4. For those of you who were unable to port in Bar Harbor, did your cruise go to a different port or did you just spend an extra day at sea? Thanks all!
  5. Hello everyone - we are leaving in a few weeks (YAH!!!) for a Canada/New England cruise with ports of call being Portland, Bar Harbor, St John Bay of Fundy, and Halifax. Does anyone know if there is a tax on drinks at any of these ports like there is in NYC? Thanks all. First time heading north and looking forward to the cruise!
  6. Hello everyone. Cruising on NCL in September to Portland, Bar Harbor, Halifax and St. John New Brunswick. Which of these ports are best for getting a lobster lunch and what restaurants would you recommend. Saw some other threads on the topic but some of the info is a bit dated. Thanks everyone!
  7. Wow - great information! Thanks so much for all the work in putting this together. Very helpful.
  8. Hello everyone. We usually get a balcony cabin. For our upcoming cruise I have booked a Haven cabin. Hubby doesn't know and I want to surprise him. I know I have read somewhere suggestions on how much to tip the butler but can't find that post. Please, can someone give me an idea of how much to tip the butler each day (7 night cruise) and if there are any others who should get an extra tip? Also, never having had a butler before, what kinds of services can we expect to ask for? Thanks so much everyone. We are celebrating a big anniversary and can'r wait for the cruise!!!!
  9. Hello everyone. It's been a few years since I have sailed on RC. I want to get some of those luggage tag holders that have the zip close top and the wire to attach the tag to the suitcase handle. Have used them for other cruise lines and they are great. Since these holders come in different sizes, can someone tell me the measurements of the printed tags for Royal Caribbean so I purchase the correct ones? Thanks so much!
  10. Glad to hear that. We loved Choir of Man on the Escape and were looking forward to seeing it again on the Encore.
  11. We were on the Breakaway twice. The second time we got an upgrade to a spa balcony and were two or three cabins away from the front of the ship. We could actually see inside the bridge when the curtain wasn't closed. Didn't realize that there was an access door for staff across the hall. All night long this door slammed. So much for a peaceful spa cabin.
  12. Thank you everyone for your responses to my concerns! I am going to book!
  13. We love cruising and are especially fond of the freestyle concept. We have sailed on the Breakaway twice to Bermuda and more recently, on the Escape (loved the Escape!!!). I was going to book the Encore for Bermuda next year. After looking through the threads and deck plans, I am having some second thoughts. We cruise to enjoy the food, drinks, shows and relaxing places on the ships. It seems the Encore is trying to attract families with adolescents and teens (thinking race track, laser tag and VR games). Those things don't interest us much. We can't afford Haven suites and really want
  14. We got off the Escape two Sundays ago. It was the fastest and easiest walk off we ever experienced. Yes, there was a line on deck 7, but it moved very quickly. We stayed on deck 6 until our color group was called, so only had to go up one flight of stairs. Was very surprised that the atrium bar and Starbucks cafe were open that morning (and yes - lots of people were having their last drinks that morning!)
  15. We will be on the Encore next June for a Bermuda cruise. Would be willing to bet a lot of people will be willing to pay for at least one trip on the track. Sad that all the great stuff is extra $!
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