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  1. We'll be getting on when you get off! Good luck in the tournament!!
  2. Also if you can't take your scooter on the airlines, you can contact scootaround.com, and you can rent a scooter from them for your cruise. They will deliver it to your cabin, and then you leave it there and they will pick it up. Enjoy your cruise!!
  3. Nope!! 😀 We were on one cruise where each time this couple went to the bar they ordered a bloody mary and a beer. Drank those all day long. But if you're sitting at the bar there really is no reason to order 2. We always find a bartender that we can gel with and sit at their bars. Tip them and they'll take care of you even when the bar is packed. Always worked for us. 😊
  4. Each time you go to the bar you each can order 2 drinks at a time. Go back as many times as you want.
  5. It didn't happen to me, but on our NYE cruise a few years ago I opened our cabin door and looked out to make sure that I wasn't going to walk in to somebody, and I saw a couple walking down the hallway side by side and run in to an elderly gentleman and almost knock him off his feet. If there wouldn't have been a rail there he probably would have fallen. I said out loud "I'm sorry Sir that there are such rude people that can't even step to one side to pass someone" The couple just kept right on walking and didn't even check to see if he was ok. On the same cruise, the bartender at the bar we were hanging at was told to reserve an area for some Suite guests on NYE. They didn't show up until almost midnight, and then wasn't happy with the area that the bartender had to fight to keep open for them. He wasn't allowed to put any signs up or anything, but was responsible for telling people they couldn't sit there all while having to serve drinks. I felt really bad for him and the Suite guests tried to cut into our area so that they could see the show on the pool deck. Some of the people on that cruise was the rudest that I have come across.
  6. Is this only on some ships? Certain categories? I've never noticed it before. I looked on the Getaway and didn't see it for the Haven.
  7. We are on deck 12. But not until Feb 2021....
  8. Ours was free, STL-MSY, however, it didn't look like they would have a choice as to whether or not they could book a nonstop flight so that is why I cancelled. I would much rather have control over how many times I have to stop. Was able to use frequent flyer miles so it didn't really cost me much more.
  9. I agree with this statement, however, they aren't always of the ship you are sailing on. I usually buy one from every ship that we sail on, but when we were on the Jewel in March 2017, the model that they were selling showed that it was the Jewel, however the top deck plan looked like the Star not the Jewel. They were very different back then. Needless to say, I did not buy it.
  10. I called my PCC and cancelled my air also. It is still showing up on MYNCL, but it doesn't really matter to me. I was told also that it had to do with the system updates. As long as I have been assured in writing (which I have) that it has been cancelled, I don't care how long it takes for it to be removed. I have NEVER had an issue with my PCC, so I trust her. Besides, with as much as I put her through as far as changes and stuff every time I make a reservation, if she will get a little extra leaving it on until the end of the month then I really don't care. Just my thoughts.. Sorry that yours has not been honest with you. I changed from my original PCC about 8 or 9 years ago to the one I have now and I have been very happy with her.
  11. How did I miss it being said that the Vibe will be on 2 decks?? 19 & 20. It is going to be huge!!
  12. I just made a partial payment and received an email receipt in about 20 minutes or so. Did you make sure they didn't go into your junk folder? Just a thought..
  13. Thank you. So there will be another divider there, it just isn't in yet? Or is it there just doesn't look like it. lol..
  14. I am still really confused by how deck 10 looks. On the deck plans it shows a total of 6 cabins, but the way this looks it doesn't look like there are 6 cabins. Do they still not have all of the dividers in?
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