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  1. quillwercruisers

    NCL Pearl

    We sailed in that cabin on the Jewel, and like Lorey, didn't have ash, noise or it being rocky. LOVE the Jewel class ships..
  2. Thank you for the review!! We will be on the Jade Mar 2019 sailing in an Aft Penthouse. Can't wait!!
  3. quillwercruisers

    10-Day Southern Caribbean on Jade November 16, 2018

    as far as an excursion goes, check out https://www.soualigadestinations.com/ for St. Martin. We took their excursion on our trip there a few years ago, and are already booked for our trip there in March 2019. Highly recommend them.
  4. quillwercruisers

    Compulsive cruise prep

    This is so me!! I have a binder that has dividers to hold everything in. It has a clear front so that I can print out a picture of the ship to put in it. I just love planning!! =) I usually set aside clothes that I don't normally wear on a daily basis but might want to take on the cruise. Also put things in a laundry basket that I know we will be taking and as I think of things, they go in the basket. When it comes time to pack, if I don't think we'll use them then I don't pack them.
  5. quillwercruisers

    Jade April 2019 Hotel & Flight credits questions

    We booked air travel through NCL once, and we won't do that again. Like someone above said, you are at their mercy, and you will end up on a flight that has at least one connection. Unfortunately for us when we had booked, they booked us with a connection through Atlanta which just happened to have an ice storm blow through. Flights were cancelled left and right and we ended up being stuck there for 3 days. Not NCL's fault, but if I would have booked my flight on my own, I would not have had a connection it would have been a direct flight. For me, I do not like having connections as you have more possibility of something going wrong or your luggage getting lost.
  6. quillwercruisers

    San Juan Hotels

    How did you get from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the port? How long did it take? Cost? TIA
  7. quillwercruisers

    Cost of NCL airport and hotel transfers

    I just looked at Miami, and it showed $16 per person. That seems pretty reasonable to me. Am I looking at it wrong?
  8. quillwercruisers

    POA - Maui excursion cancellation 3/11 & 3/12

    Thanks Linda!! The cruise will be 6 days instead of 7, but it will still be a great cruise!! =)
  9. quillwercruisers

    POA - Maui excursion cancellation 3/11 & 3/12

    It might be a moot point now anyway, because the cruise is no longer showing on NCL.com. The cruise before is being cut short a day, so I don't know what is going on.
  10. quillwercruisers

    POA - Maui excursion cancellation 3/11 & 3/12

    Thanks for the advice everyone. It's hard to "rent a car" when there is 10 people traveling.
  11. Good morning all, I posted this on the roll call but thought I would post it here also since I know that not everyone signs up for the roll calls. Just found out that all Maui excursions have been cancelled for this trip. According to my PCC, the excursion desk is supposed to be sending out an email within the next 48 hours. I went on to My NCL, and the 2 excursions that I had booked were no longer there on my vacation summary. However, if you go under the explore option, it is still showing all Maui excursions. Not sure what is going on, but will post when I hear more.
  12. quillwercruisers

    Best Pride of America Excursions

    The tubing adventure is no longer offered through NCL. You would have to book directly through the tubing company and arrange your own travel there and back. We are sailing in March and had been waiting for it to get posted, and finally called today and that is what the shore excursion desk told me.
  13. quillwercruisers

    Norwegian Prices

    I've heard the fishy site referenced before, but no clue as to what it is....
  14. quillwercruisers

    Booking restaurants

    We had never booked our dinners before sailing until this cruise. We never had any problems getting the times we wanted, because we did book soon after getting on board (with that being said, we don't stand in line and the reservation desk either). I don't really know what made me decide to pre-book the dinners on this cruise coming up, but I did.
  15. quillwercruisers

    Pearl SF suites

    We are in this one on the Jewell in 27 days!! I know, the counter shows 26 days, but that is from midnight. lol..:p