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  1. It is a Medallion (wearable) and Sensor system that is replacing Princess’ version of the Sea Pass cards we use for everything on RCI. The Medallions have little chips in them that have a unique code number which sensors (supposedly over 7,000 on the Regal Princess) installed all over their ships that can read. They will do everything the cards can do plus; from unlocking your cabin door as you approach, letting you make purchases in the shops and bars, even lets you order a drink from your sun lounger using your smart phone or one from the ship (for fee ?) or on your way to the theater and have it delivered to your sun lounger or theater seat when you get there. According to some of the hype they were pushing at the time, it can also quickly locate lost children or people with memory/navigation issues on the ship. Those last couple thing, while being useful in those specific cases, also lends itself to being abused and kind of strikes me as being a little too Big Brotherish, but I was wanting to check it out before I made a decision about continuing to sail Princess or any cruise line in the Carnival family. If they can find someone lost on the ship or deliver a drink to a specific seat; they have the capability of tracking people on their ships. The ‘Medallions’ are a Carnival Corporation idea and are supposed to be implemented across all of their cruise lines eventually. A few people were able to get a deal from Princess like moving to other ships, but I think that had more to do with Princess changing the sailing time several times with the last change being 8 days before sailing changing it from 9 PM to 5:30 PM and impacting many people flying in that day for the cruise. One person that was in our Roll Call actually had booked a ‘Medallion Class’ cabin; most of those cabins appear to have been filled with bigshots from all of the Carnival family of cruise lines and the Corporation itself; others like my myself just got shafted, granted it was only a 2 night cruise to Nassau and back but not even an offer of a little OBC.
  2. It wasn’t Royal that did it, but it was none of these trivial annoyances mentioned either, but it would have the same result if I encounter it with Royal. My line was crossed when a cruise line “IN MY SOLE DETERMINATION” either out and out lied to or intentionally misled their ‘guests’; then blamed us for not getting the ‘amazing new functionality that would change our cruising lives forever’ because we had selected a cabin that would not have the functionality active. That was after we had been told for almost a year that everyone would be using that great new functionality on our cruise. Our notice that we had been had came in the form of a ‘form letter’ email 26 days before sailing, and well into the penalty window, from Princess and after the information had been released to the media. Then being told when I called the number provided in that email “all they could do for me was put my name on a list of people wanting a cabin with the new functionality, but there was no guarantee I would get one”. I declined their offer of nothing; then called my PVP and cancelled the two cruises I had booked with them. Luckily I could still cancel those cruises without penalty. Those cruises would have elevated me to the top level in their loyalty program. But if you no longer respect a companies name, that’s no big deal. That was in the fall of 2017 I have not booked or sailed with that line since, I am still 2 cruises from Elite and have no plans to book with them in the future and have not given them a positive recommendation since that cruise. Since then I have booked 5 cruises with Royal, already completing 3 of the 5 and will be doing #4 of the end of this month and the 5th next February and going Diamond + with that cruise. Unfortunately after the cruise this month I will be ashore for a while. I have a medical issue to deal with starting after my upcoming cruise, but I plan to be at sea again by February 2020. I am not making any future bookings until I am sure my issue has been successfully dealt with. I have also not booked with Carnival since 2017; since Carnival Corp was involved with the fielding of this new functionality. I have sailed once on Carnival since the fall of 2017 and only because that cruise was going to a port that I have been trying to get to for over 10 years.
  3. If only. Many of us have been trying for days to register again, and have gotten nothing but errors. Any yes, this has happened before. I have attached two links at the bottom that were working this morning that will take you to the registration page. If you are not sure if you are still registered for the M&M. Since many of the M&M lists are already being rebuilt by the booked passengers at this point, just go to the registration page and register again. If you are not registered it will allow you to register. If your last name and booking number are already on the list, you should see the message below. Below that message will be the name and contact information of the person that made the registration. Since I sail solo, I only see my name on my reservations. I do not know if you can add yourself to the registration or the person listed as the contact on the reservation has to do it, if a registration already exists. “Thank you! We have already received a party registration for your booking group. The contact person for your Royal Caribbean Cruise Critic Community Meet & Mingle is listed below. To add guests from your party request, simply select the check boxes below. Once you have registered for an event, the “Contact” person and contact information cannot be changed or deleted.” Rick Here are the two links that I am aware of that are working this morning to get you to the registration page. U.S. and I think Canada: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/ccEntry.do Our friends in the UK https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk/ccEntry.do
  4. I talked to the C&A Society group yesterday morning and was told that they were not aware of the problem with the Meet & Mingle files and she was reporting the issue. She did say that it was not done intentionally; and it wouldn’t hurt to re-register for any M&M’s you previously registered for again. Rick
  5. You have to remember, last year all the fun and frustration when this “outstanding” (probably in the fog) IT group tried to merge the RCI and Celebrity websites; and apparently didn’t bother taking into consideration that some people might follow good security practice and have different login credentials on the RCI and Celebrity websites. Rick
  6. I was on the Inde or Freedom back in Feb/Mar 2017 and half of us that had registered didn’t get invitations to the M&M, including me. I think that may have been something like this. Rick
  7. I just got off the phone with Valerie at the C&A Society group. She wasn’t aware that there was a problem with the Meet & Mingle files and is reporting it. She also said it wouldn’t hurt to register for any M&M’s again. She did say that it wasn’t intentionally done. Here is a direct link to the RCI M&M registration page for anyone that needs it: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/ccEntry.do Rick
  8. After seeing the plans they have for CocoCay, I think I would rather go to Cozumel than CocoCay in the not too distant future. The last time I was to CocoCay was back in 2016, a couple weeks after Hurricane Matthew went through on the Majesty. I think we were the second or third ship to call there after the hurricane. It looked a little rough; lot of the larger trees down and burnt, but I could see signs of “corporate improvements” coming back then. A number of beach beds had appeared on the back side of the island where there had only been a walking path by the water the previous year. It’s a shame they are going to turn a nice little relaxing tropical island into a “for an additional fee” waterpark
  9. I was getting email from Holland America a couple years back that I wasn’t interested in and either their unsubscribe button didn’t work or they were ignoring it and kept sending me their presorted standard (junk mail) so after reporting it as spam about a dozen times with nothing happening, I added them to my blocked senders list, problem solved, haven’t heard from them since; Did the same thing to Honda about 4-5 years ago, I was getting multiple emails a week from them trying to get me to buy a new car; my Ridgeline's mileage was still well under 100K back then. Rick
  10. Thanks for that note about the links Bob, these links should work if you copy and paste them into your browser. The ‘Start Check-in’ will tell you to come back when you get to 90 days but I believe that was how it was before. Rick Cruise Planner: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/asr/login.do?cS=NAVBAR&pnav=3&snav=3 Start Check-in: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/boardingDocuments.do?cS=NAVBAR&pnav=3&sna=2 Make a Payment: https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/make-a-payment
  11. This may a shed a little light on what is going on with the preference selections and provide help for those still having problems with this glorious new website. The following are extracts from the email I received from the “Royal Caribbean Cruises Digital Team” yesterday evening. At last I have FINALLY seen something from a Royal Caribbean entity that actually says we must use an email address and password on for our accounts. Quote Our new Guest Account capability is well-intended and will ultimately make everyone’s life easier by having one username (an email address) and password and a unified account that will make using our various systems seamless whether onshore or at sea. … Features previously available on the website including selection of guest preferences and viewing airline information will be available in future releases. We are continually updating the functionality of our site, and we encourage you to check back weekly. If there is a specific feature you require for an upcoming cruise, please contact the Crown & Anchor Society Desk at (800) 526-9723 to register your preferences. … Should you need to manager your balance, please go to https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/make-a-payment and enter in your reservation number, last name, ship and sail date. In the coming months we will add buttons in the dashboard that will allow you to make your payment. Unquote (cut and paste the link to make-a-payment link into your browser if you need to use it.) I don’t know what everyone else was seeing, but on that last item I quoted the link (button) to ‘make payment’ was there on both of the cruises I have booked from March 20th when I was finally able to log into my account on their new system, it just generating connection errors until April 11th. As I said I would do, if they had the system fixed to where I could make payments, I have resumed making payments on the two cruises I have booked and plan to sail on them as scheduled. However I also told the ‘Royal Caribbean Cruises Digital Team’ I am not considering any future bookings with any of the RCCL family until I am convinced that the problems have been resolved and I can complete the two cruises without other major issues. Then ended the email I sent back in response with “NO LONGER LOYAL TO ROYAL and wondering if I will book again.” I am not considering any future bookings with any line in the RCCL family until I am convinced that all their problems have been resolved and I can complete the two cruises without other major issues; which means the next RCCL family cruise I book, if any, will be for a sailing in the first part of 2021, since I am currently looking at the fall of 2019 and 2020.
  12. Well surprise, surprise, surprise; I was actually able to log in, go to the cruise I have booked for October, get into the payment area and actually make a payment tonight. It only took them from March 20th to April 11th to get that little piece of the ‘new and improved?’ website working. I can’t count the time between March 8th and 20th because; I didn’t know I couldn’t make a payment because I couldn’t log into their ‘new and improved?’ website until March 20th. I am still greatly underwhelmed with the new website though.
  13. Well some of the stuff we are used to and can’t find may have something to with the second and third ‘root causes’ of all the frustration according to the letter that was posted on the Facebook C&A page. Where it said “…the elimination of being able to select amenities and preferences online for our loyal Crown & Anchor members, and mistakes we made in developing and implementing the first release of this new capability.” (This time I think M. Bayley was talking about RCCL/RCI instead of us customers) The way I read that is, they have intentionally taken some things away from us that we used to be able to do and we have more frustration coming down the road, if this is the first release there should be at least a second and possibly more releases coming, unfortunately for us. We may get them back in a 'later release', but I wouldn't bet much on that possibility.
  14. Granted, I misread the following below sentence to be 1 of 6 cruises over the holidays was sold vs. a family of six had bought the suite for a cruise over he holidays. That tells me that I am spending too much time on this computer. "He revealed at the same event that one family of six had bought the suite over this coming Christmas period for $85,000 for the week". He being Mr. Bayley. Thanks for the correction.
  15. Could be, also could be that RCI hasn't told Cruise Critic that problems actually exists or said that is "off the record" if Cruise Critic asked about it. Especially since ANYTHING posted on Facebook these days falls into the category of "Plausibly Deniable" later on; since they have developed a name for themselves for false and fake postings.
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