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  1. Does anyone have any estimate how many Pinnacles there are? Because of the length of time it takes to get to Pinnacle, there must be a steady turnover of people who are no longer cruising. How old is the youngest self-made Pinnacle you have encountered?
  2. I suspect that the next stage will be to remove D members from the D lounge and rename it the D+ lounge. D members will continue to get their three free drinks on the card.
  3. Bobal. Are you still on Jewel? Did they continue with suite lounge today? Many thanks
  4. Thanks, If you are on next week and there is any change, please let me know.
  5. Thanks, Have you stayed in this room? Was it very noisy as near Adventure Ocean?
  6. To be fair, so have I. The time when it is a real issue is on Transatlantic cruises when there can be >1500 D and above.
  7. Maybe, but just stating the fact that DL is about to get a lot busier if CLs are becoming SLs.
  8. The thing that seems so strange to me, is why haven’t they changed the DL to a D+ lounge and just given D three free drinks? This would seem a logical solution. As someone who is D+ and has stayed in suites, I can see the problem with overcrowding in the CL. The obvious answer to me is to make the DL a D+ lounge. As people say, the gap between first cruise and D is not very much, but D+ to Pinnacle is huge.
  9. Bobal, is removal of D+ from CL permanent on Jewel? We are sailing on 17/2 and 24/2. Have emailed the concierge asking but they have not replied.
  10. Hi, I wonder if someone could answer a question for me. We have a booking on Anthem for the TA. There are three of us travelling. We have booked cabin an interior and a balcony in order to get double points. The balcony number is 12534. I am trying to find out if the balcony will hold three people? The deck plan seems to suggest this, but the person I spoke to at RCI said it didn’t and was quite difficult about it with me. Has anyone stayed in the cabin or have any knowledge of this? Many thanks
  11. Hi, Is Jamie’s Italian still open on Anthem? I know that the business has gone into liquidation in the UK, but suspect that the one onboard Anthem was a franchise m, so wondering if it is still open? Many thanks
  12. I thought the lounge on Jewel was still a concierge lounge for suites, pinnacle and D+?
  13. Agreed. Last time they changed the UK C&A page, they stopped us requesting our loyalty bonus gift online. Now you have to either call or email RCCL and can’t find an online list to look at to decide. Make it very confusing.
  14. Purely financial, which you can understand as cruises in 2020 were so cheap. We have a really good bargain for 17th and 24th Feb 2020 B2B. Sure the political situation may be a slight concern, but a lot can change in this time and situation may have calmed down by then. If they were really concerned about that, then they would not be doing it in 2020. This is purely a financial decision.
  15. I really dislike it. You have to put your C&A number in when entering guest details, so you cannot see the final price until right at the end. Also, there does not seem to be anywhere to enter other discounts which you may have such as military etc. It makes a quick price search very difficult. A real step backwards in my opinion.
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