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  1. Thanks for posting such a great and detailed cruise report. This is definitely an itinerary that would appeal to us. When we were on a Navigator in 2014 and visited St John NB our niece and her partner came on for the day as visitors so we didn’t manage to see the area. We have been lucky to visit Halifax twice and Peggy’s cove is a must see for sure. Thanks, Jean.
  2. Bob first of all thanks for your excellent live blog. As always it’s been delightful to follow along with you both. We have never had dinner in the cabin on any cruise but always have breakfast there. Whilst the concierge cabin was nice for us it just didn’t work living area wise. Breakfast felt cramped and the sofa not great to relax on. Like you and Jeannie we like to get dressed up for dinner and enjoy the evening pre dinner and post dinner with drinks and company. We are very lucky and privileged to be able to make these choices and appreciate it greatly. Look forward to your next live blog, thanks, Jean.
  3. I know others may and will disagree, but my opinion is that we found it uncomfortable to have breakfast in the cabin. We had a concierge suite on our first Explorer cruise. Liked the bathroom and walk in wardrobe area, but felt the living area less so. The sofa/couch is smaller and uncomfortable. We always have breakfast in the cabin and it’s the only cruise we felt it to be less enjoyable. This is only our opinion, Jean.
  4. Thanks for posting the photos, that’s a special time to be onboard Navigator, have a wonderful cruise. Jean.
  5. My sky box also thinks it’s a one off show? Likewise will keep an eye on the schedule for next week. Jean.
  6. Our last cruise was in May on Mariner and the system was not operational then, I am not quite sure after reading the reports how it works? What is available at the gang way on port excursion disembarking? Also being someone who drinks lots of water, will there be enough in the fridge / cabin overnight? We live just beside the Speyside Whiskey Trail here in North East Scotland and have beautiful clear water and it’s readily available on tap , very spoiled am sure but something we appreciate greatly. Jean.
  7. Flossie thanks so much for a wonderful thread. You always manage to do a perfect trip report and take us all along with you. This will have to suffice until our next planned cruise in April on Splendour. Safe travels home and thanks again, Jean. X
  8. Wonderful photos. Really enjoying your daily posts Flossie, this is a very appealing itinerary. Jean
  9. Our first cruise on Explorer we booked a concierge suite, simply due to looking at the Penthouse suite online. We always book a Penthouse suite on Mariner and kind of felt the photo of the Explorer suite didn’t look “spacious and roomy”? While onboard we were lucky to be shown round a Penthouse suite and it was totally different than I expected and much roomier than it looks in the photographs. The concierge suite for me felt cramped in the living area. The couch was tiny and uncomfortable. Penthouse suite more comfortable in the living area for sure, but as Bellagio Cruisers have said it’s a matter of what suits you, there are no right or wrong suites, it’s what ever suits your own personal needs. Jean.
  10. Awe they are so sweet, too nice to ever eat 😊. Jean
  11. Possibly for dancing 😉, just joking, it does sound odd though. Ive always wondered about the posts in the Mariner Penthouse suites next to the bed and behind the sofa? Some rooms have that and some don’t? Jean.
  12. I would say it’s a personal decision/choice to tip your guides on excursions. We do and have no issues what anyone else does. Have to disagree with GrJBerkshire to say no tips in the U.K. I always give my hairdresser a tip and beauty salon a tip. When we have the chance to dine out we always leave a tip, and it is accepted most graciously. Joe I don’t think your tour guide in Orkney will be at all offended at your kind tip. Have a wonderful time on your cruise. Jean
  13. The books have had no price list included for past few years, however personally I feel the book is definitely helpful to read, then go online to check prices are other information. Jean
  14. Likewise here, book was in the post Monday when I arrived home from work. Jean
  15. Terry I am sure you will enjoy the Taku Lodge excursion. We took the trip 3 years ago, my husband was sitting up front with the pilot on the flight there. It’s a tranquil setting and we had a lovely guided walk through the woods after the lovely salmon lunch. Look forward to your photos to relive good memories. Enjoying your live blog as always. Jean
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