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  1. Pcardad thanks for keeping us updated with information. Appreciate this. Jean.
  2. I have just remembered where I did see this. If you look at cuisine part of the RSSC website. Go to pool grill menu and then you have option of food and drinks menu. The cocktails section tells you the exact ingredients of each sigma cocktails 🍸🍹. Jean.
  3. I know the signature cocktails are good. I am sure I saw some recipes on the RSSC website on the part that is the “Blog” . When Splendour was launched there was a lovely information update on the website about the new cocktails specifically for Meridian Lounge and ingredients, check there possibly may find the others? Jean.
  4. Agree with you most definitely about Ravello. It’s one of the loveliest places and the views are beautiful. A trip to remember. Jean.
  5. Belfast Taxman just wondering is the 2021 Splendour cruise exactly the same number of days? It does look quite a big price increase but I’ve always noticed that new ship has higher price tag ? It’s difficult to know what to do in these times re wait for the money refund or take the FCC. Don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here. We are waiting fo money refund for our April cruise, but are considering taking the FCC for our November cruise. The cruises we considered with the FCC were completely different itineries and also on Voyager or Navigator so we would have had no comparison If the prices had been increased from this year, but I expect they will be. Hope things work out for you, but possibly you could speak in advance to your TA to give you a price for the next year cruise and see if it is better than what is advertised? No harm in asking ? Jean
  6. Dear Gerry you definitely had a nitemare route and journey home. That in itself and the anxiety at the time about actually getting home would be enough to put many of us off travelling for a while. Yes stay safe. Jean
  7. I’ve been thinking about you and your husband. You had a really distressing and emotional time with your travels and the last minute cancellation of your cruise. I can imagine it’s very hard to post here . Regent has really fell down here with refunds for cancelled cruises paid if full, while they are concentrating on future deposit refunds only. Makes me wonder ?? Like you we have no refund for our Splendour April 16th cruise, but I do hope that they begin the process via date order in which cruises were due to sail and cancelled. Best wishes to you and hope you have refunds for all expenses soon, Jean.
  8. It’s certainly looking that way. Susie commented that on the refund thread it appears it’s the deposit refunds that are being processed first. Let’s hope they start to play a bit of catch up with the full payment refunds soon. Jean.
  9. That’s the situation we face next month too while waiting for the refund for our cancelled April Splendour cruise. It’s time Regent looked into the UK policy of the non refundable 20% large deposit. I can imagine how you are feeling today especially when you have heard from the CEO your cruise will not sail. This is a sure fire way of guests losing faith in Regent . Loyalty should be working both ways here surely? Jean.
  10. Flossie/Susan, I am glad you have posted the above 2 posts. We have all been told by Regent and our own TA,s that 90 days is the expected wait time for refunds due. It’s not a good customer service in this day and age but I do accept the issues the staff involved are having and just have to wait albeit impatiently in my case. We have a second Splendour cruise booked for November, it was booked about a year ago. I don’t think this cruise will sail, and our payment is due next month. As you say it’s unacceptable this loss of the 20% deposit if we don’t pay in full. We certainly don’t want to pay the balance to get FCC that May or may not be lost? Better communication from Regent would definitely go some way to alleviate anxiety about future money tied up in cruises and prevent people being able to book cruises that they know full well they are going to cancel. Best wishes Jean.
  11. Sail date Splendour 16/04/20 Cancelled by TA. 31/03/20 No refund as yet. 10/04/20 Jean.
  12. Couldn’t agree more with your thanks to the above 3 posters. Certainly makes a huge difference having such knowledgable posters giving accurate information. Thanks to all, Jean.
  13. Well let’s hope this saying that gets frequently quoted by certain posters, that Regent goes above and beyond comes to fruition. Many of us have lots of money involved here and I sure hope that they do the right and honest thing here and repay exactly what they have said they will in their statements. Jean
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