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  1. We’ve never went directly to Regent as we’ve been using same TA over 20 years but I am sure directly to Regent will give you accurate information too 🤔 Jean .
  2. Hi, From our experience we’ve noticed this previously but since the cruising suspension it seems to be very noticeable. With so many people having taken FCC this has been transferred to the future cruises. We have struggled to get the suite we wanted for 2022 after the 3 cancelled cruises we had. The top suites always seem to be booked first. If you are booking through a TA I would ask them to check that the suites you are interested in booking are not just reserved for a few days while people decide ? Jean.
  3. Flossie thanks for posting this updated information. Seems quite a lot to mull over , must admit I don’t always make a point of pre Covid reading all the legal aspects of the ticket . Thanks, Jean.
  4. Thanks very much. Think what I have been concerned about is that it’s small wee mini vans they are using where you have to climb in the back ? Your experience sounds more like a small size bus/coach. Thanks, Jean.
  5. We haven’t been on any small group excursions as yet. Would anyone be able to clarify if the vehicles that are used are full size buses/coaches or small mini buses? I am not a good traveler on the small mini buses and would be reluctant to book if that was the mode of transport. Thanks for any feedback. Jean.
  6. 'We renewed our wedding vows for 25th wedding anniversary in 2010 and also my 50th birthday . It was really nicely handled quite simple and understated. We boarded Mariner on the day of our 30th wedding anniversary, we hadn’t mentioned anything to our TA when we booked. We had taken our cards with us to open and had then set up in the cabin. After dinner that evening we went back to the cabin our Butler and stewards had decorated the cabin and left chilled champagne. What a truly lovely unexpected touch, and when we saw them in the morning and thanked them they said, oh well we saw the cards and decided to surprise you. One of the many special touches that make Regent the luxury line that it is. Jean.
  7. Hi sorry I mean the amount of people passing in the corridor. It is only the passengers in the cabins there and the staff who will be there, so it’s a quiet area. Jean.
  8. Hi Paul, We have been in 1103 twice and would always book that location. Very quiet area , minimal footfall and we’ve never experienced any noise from above deck. Have a great cruise on the lovely Mariner, Jean.
  9. Sorry but not quite sure you a correct about this being “fact”. I very rarely would mention any of the cruises we are booked on or for previous sailed cruises on Regent or even before then. Jean.
  10. Hi Gilly, I have taped it last night. It was on Sky Quest channel. Sounds like an enjoyable programme, I will look forward to watching it. Take care, Jean.
  11. We’ve always had ground transport by bus. It’s not a very long transfer. There are helicopter companies who I am sure will provide you with details and a rather hefty price tag . Also plenty private car companies for the short transfer to book too. Jean.
  12. Karen I can at last add our refund details to your thread. April 16th cruise cancelled 30/03/20 TA contacted Regent 31/03/30 Deposit refunded 20/06/20 Refund recieved today 19/08/20 finally. Thanks for maintaining this thread and spreadsheet. Jean.
  13. On an Explorer cruise 2 years ago laundry was included for all guests. There was actually no difference in the turn around service/time than usual. The likely main reason for this new inclusion for all is likely to compensate for the loss of the laundry room service , and it shows they are being proactively thinking ahead. Jean
  14. Pappy this is a good topic, thanks. My criteria would be for me to see Covid rates much much lower globally. If it takes 6 months, a year whatever the time scale I wouldn’t be taking unnecessary risks by cruising until I feel the world is a safer place. We don’t know how this virus is going to react when we hit the winter flu and virus season. That can be a real dangerous period for everyone . I appreciate everyone has their own parameters to work with re their idea of when they feel safe to cruise, but I think personally it’s a long way off before we will be making that decision. Jean.
  15. I am still waiting for our April 16th cruise refund. Our TA has phoned last two weeks and twice this week, and was told today it’s with accounts now. This is no where near the 90 days never mind 60 days. Very disappointed to say the least. Jean
  16. My choice would be the Penthouse suite on Mariner with shower only. They are a spacious size cabin . Jean.
  17. Hi Swansong, Yes have to say we are very disappointed to say the least. Our TA has been phoning weekly to Regent who say it’s been processed just waiting to be transferred to TA. We are over the 110 days now. I know it’s not our TA stalling as they have already dealt with other separate flight refunds, not connected to the cruise. We were booked for a Splendour cruise in November which we knew would not be sailing , and we have transferred that to a Mariner cruise next September. I will certainly post when we get the refund. Hope yours is processed in a more timely manner than ours. Best, Jean.
  18. Well as far as I can see refunds in the UK are certainly not in keeping with what is stated here. We are still waiting on our April 16th cruise refund. Our TA has phoned on a weekly basis to Regent UK to chase this up. This week we are told it has been processed and should be here this week or next. Also friends who were booked on this cruise who live in another part of the UK are also still waiting and been told exactly the same “story” as ourselves. I am definitely not impressed by this wait for our money. Makes me think twice about making a payment for our next year cruise. Jean.
  19. Karen thank you. The balance I paid by cheque . Our TA did contact Regent UK to chase up refund and they said “ refunds were beginning to come through “. Just seems to be taking longer for UK refunds possibly? Thanks for your hard work and diligence with this spread sheet and I see you also have the same on Crystal, Jean.
  20. Karen also still waiting for balance of payment , but did receive the deposit last week, so eagerly await the balance for April 16th cruise. Jean.
  21. That sounds as though it was just perfect. It’s such a magical destination and in so many different ways. Definitely special memories for everyone who has been fortunate to visit and even more so sail out or into Venice. Jean.
  22. Think this was inevitable at some point. As you say it’s a real delight sailing form and to Venice and it never disappoints. We are booked on Mariner next September due to sail from Venice , I am sure we will also be leaving from an alternative port. Jean.
  23. Also still waiting for balance of cruise 16/4. Received deposit only on Saturday past, but no sign yet of balance despite TA contacting Regent UK for information. Jean.
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