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  1. According to the information I received from Seabourn it states that the coupon must be received prior to the embarkation of the new guest. Based on my reading of this, you would still be able to use the coupon.
  2. Hi Missy- No, it is not too far ahead. If you are interested, just email me. travelingduo@sbcglobal.net Les
  3. Hi Lois, All you need to do is contact me and provide your name, address, and booking number. I will send you a scanned copy of the coupon so you can see it. I submit the coupon and you will receive the credit from Seabourn once you make your final payment. I will also send you a copy of the completed coupon that I mail to Seabourn so you will have a copy of that as well. If you are interested or need more information, just email me at: travelingduo@sbcglobal.net We were fortunate enough to get this credit on our first Seabourn cruise as well. Les
  4. We have been in the Penthouse Spa suite a couple of times (not in Alaska). Love it! You get a great panoramic view from the huge verandah everywhere. I wouldn't give it up -- IMHO!
  5. If you would like my coupon just email me we can coordinate. travelingduo@sbcglobal.net Les
  6. fdnycruiser: You ask a good question and there are varying responses from CC'ers. My understanding is that you cannot combine this credit with other onboard credits you receive from SEABOURN, but I have read that people receiving onboard credits from TA's and AX have been able to combine both. I think the best way to get a definitive answer is to contact Seabourn Club directly. They are really nice and helpful! Seabourn Club Phone: 866‐934‐2332 or 206‐626‐9199 Email: seabournclub@seabourn.com (M-F 8-5 PST) I'll be anxious to hear what they say. Good luck! Les
  7. I have a referral coupon to share. Email me at: travelingduo@sbcglobal.net and we can coordinate. Les
  8. Is there a designated area to meet Uber/Lyft drivers for transfers to the airport?
  9. Can’t speak to any other Viking ship, but we just got off the Atla (Eastern Europe) and we were in an Explorer Suite (340). It was LOUD!!! We enjoy sailing in aft cabins and love hearing the sound of the wake — which we could do on this river cruise. However, there was so much noise and vibration from the engines, we really didn’t enjoy the suite. We would have done the Veranda Suite had we known. Just our experience sailing on the Danube.
  10. I posted this question on the roll call for Viking Eastern European cruises, but thought that there may be people who have this experience as well. Because this itinerary goes to to 6 different countries and most of them are just for the day, is it necessary to get local currencies for local guides as none of them are on Euros?
  11. We booked our business air flights with Viking as soon as the window opened. They were able to confirm our requested flights and seats immediately without ticketing them. We are flying on 3 different airlines, all Sky Team members. Our TA told us that Viking has an arrangement with the airlines that allows them to book and reserve seats even though they don’t actually issue the tickets until 90:days out. Whenever I check our reservation they are still there and we don’t leave until April.
  12. We absolutely agree. The Muse is lovely for all the reasons expressed, but the dining is a deal breaker. We enjoyed our cruise on the Muse, but won’t go back for that reason.
  13. I agree with other posters. I have had luck sometimes and no luck other times. Depends on the flights, when they are ticketed, and the type of ticket the cruise lines negotiate (there are actually special codes just for cruise discounted fares). We have had very bad luck with AA. Haven’t been able to use our miles for upgrades or reward travel for over a year! There have been recent articles on travel blogs indicating that AA has become one of the worst airlines for reward travel. Sorry to be pessimistic. We decided that we would not take a chance on our upcoming cruise and just booked it with the Viking air plus folks (via our TA). Got great flights and no worries— even have our seat assignments. Some folks don’t care and just want to 'get there.' Others care a great deal how we get there based on a variety of issues and needs. Good luck. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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