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  1. The oldest boy is the videographer and editor. He did everything from the countdown in the beginning all of the way through! And yes the plank was amazing! Thanks for the comment Thank you
  2. Thanks so much!! The most we had to wait for the slides was about 10 minutes! They are a lot of fun. Enjoy! Thank you
  3. Thank you!! In st. Thomas we took a tour called sunny Liston. You can find it online. It included shopping, tour, and beach. HIGHLY recommend it for an overall fun excursion! We felt like we saw the entire island in a few hours. In Nassau we took a water taxi to Paradise island and walked 20 minutes to a garden called Versailles Garden. It was free. Nothing exciting, but very nice Thank you
  4. Thank you everyone for helping us reach 5,000 views!! Thank you
  5. Can you book the cruise with three different credit cards? Thank you
  6. I was wondering if someone could help. There will be 3 people in our cabin, each with a credit card. How do I set this up? Thank you
  7. For how many more days is the current sale? Thanks! Thank you
  8. Thank you so much!!! And yes, we are accepting applications :) Thank you
  9. Thank you!! We went to Versailles gardens in Nassau on paradise island. About a 20 minute walk from Atlantis. It was free too. Thank you
  10. Yes. We did have a blast! Literally! (Maho) thanks everyone! Thank you
  11. Thanks so much everyone! We really ha a great time!! Thank you
  12. You may be right. Not sure. Sorry I can't help you folks out more Thank you
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