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  1. I think 2021 will happen at some level.. the question is when and with what restrictions. I have an early January cruise booked on the Enchanted. I'm really hoping they announce any cancellations before final payment. I'd be thrilled at this point with testing, daily checks, public masks, and ship guided tours only like they are doing in Europe
  2. If they don't have any intention of sailing the EP until end of Jan/early Feb, then they need to stop booking and start letting affected persons know, so they can reschedule or request refunds
  3. I bought in today. Was hoping to buy at 14, but oh well, but glad to hear of some positive vaccine news. Has anyone had trouble getting OBC? There are some exclusions for reduced rate cruises..but not sure what that means exactly.. not many pay published prices.
  4. I don't think John and Jane Q Public care about if a cruise line filed bankruptcy. They'll just see the $$ to cruise. With the reputation hit of cruising and if an extended recession happens..you'll see a huge oversupply of cabins and thus a big push to lower fares to fill cabins..then a push to lower costs to try to stay profitable I think the RCL is vulnerable. They have huge debt from their expensive ships, that they normally counter with premium prices...but could see a lot of families looking to save money with CCL and NCL. DCL is pretty pricey, but have a limited supply..
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