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  1. Thanks for the kind words. :)
  2. We did tender at Roatan. However, in our case we were on a ship's excursion, so our tender pass was our excursion ticket. I don't recall if independents had to get tender tickets.
  3. You very welcome. I used a flat scanner, manually sheet-by-sheet, scanning as PDF, then rotating everything with Acrobat Pro as needed inside the single master compiled multi-frames file.
  4. You all very welcome. Happy to share.
  5. STP1972

    Pearl Onboard Activities and Entertainment

    All very welcome. Glad the dailies I posted come in handy. :)
  6. Here is a Dropbox link to the dailies and more from Western Caribbean 8-day New Year sailing of Pearl out of New Orleans. File is a single PDF about 5MB in size.
  7. STP1972

    Liquid policy exemption

    We took recently took a few non-refrigerated almond milk single-serve mini-cartons on board Pearl via checked baggage. No delays, no confiscation, no naughty room.
  8. STP1972

    NCL Pearl Vegie Burgers

    Another vegan tip for Pearl: you can get soy and almond milk at the main buffet by asking; the staff will bring it out to you from the kitchen. And, BTW, the rotating daily array of lunch and dinner Indian curries, roti, dal, and such is really excellent. I ate them every day.
  9. STP1972

    NCL Pearl Vegie Burgers

    We just came off Pearl. My daughter got a delicious, fresh-made veggie burger at the Indian station on the buffet line. It was not from a frozen pattie, but made on the spot.
  10. STP1972

    Harvest Caye to Placencia Payment

    Interesting price differentials. Ferry to Placencia on Pearl in early January was $20. A great cheap excursion it made!
  11. On the Pearl last week the college football playoff semis happened while the ship's sports feeds showed Australian cricket and NBA basketball. They did set up special viewings last night for an NFL wildcard game, though.
  12. STP1972

    Maltings bar menu

    I'm just back from Pearl and the only true craft on the ship was bottled Lagunitas Little Sumpin'. The taps in Maltings and O'sheehan's were having foam problems and had only Stella and Heineken. Craft catastrophe IMO.
  13. STP1972

    Do you make reservations for MDR?

    31 days out now on Pearl and online MDR reservations are still not available. The phone reps I reach are all surprised about this and yesterday's rep reached a supervisor who relayed that the denial might be an unexpected technical/IT glitch rather than a policy. A quick call-back from NCL earned me successful phone reservations in MDR for our group of 8.
  14. STP1972

    MGD Beer on NCL Pearl?

    Thanks, In_Steerage, for the beer recon. In my book, the list is solidly (and sadly) pedestrian, and certainly not worth me upgrading to UBP for my December 30 on Pearl. Maybe with some port time in New Orleans the ship can enhance the menu.