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  1. So, not only do you pay extra to eat in in Cagney's, you also have the chance to pay extra for certain items once inside Cagney's. Wow, NCL sees people coming. It will only get worse if people keep feeding the beast.
  2. Being from Nashville, I must say, if all you saw of Nashville is Broadway, you really cheated yourself by not venturing out to the real Nashville.
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded. I think I will just go with the flow. If there is an opening at the time I want to dine, I will take advantage of that. If not, that is cool too. I will be on vacation and when cruising, I enjoy the freedom to not be scheduled. Again, thanks to everyone who responded. This will be my first NCL cruise and I have learned a lot from this thread.
  4. I will be solo on the Norwegian Getaway.
  5. trummy


    Thank you so much. 🙂
  6. 5 minutes?? Next time, put your phone on speaker and go about your business until they answer.
  7. On the Norwegian Getaway, can you get glass bottles or draft beer? I don't like the taste of beer from aluminum cans.I am asking about mainline beers, not craft. Thanks.
  8. This is very helpful. I will be cruising solo, so that may help.
  9. When I went to sign up for specialty dining it asked for dates and times I would like to reserve a table. The thing is, on a cruise, I don't want to be that nailed down time wise. I don't want to be in a situation where I am enjoying an activity and have to leave to meet my reservation. My questions are, is there a way to do specialty dining without having to reserve specific times? If I chose not to go with the dining package, can I just go to the restaurant and ask for a table and be seated? I am thinking of the Japanese restaurant specifically.
  10. This sounds like what is happening on many levels with NCL. Customers have shown that they will pay extra for things that used to be included, and that are free on other lines. So, it only makes sense that NCL will push as far as they can. They are in it for profit after all.
  11. Thank you for answering. I am sorry you saw children. I have been on 9 carnival cruises, the most recent last month, and have never seen kids in the Serenity Area.
  12. For those who have also sailed Carnival, what is the difference between the Vibe on NCL and the Serenity area on Carnival? This will be my first NCL cruise.
  13. The Vibe sounds a lot like the Serenity Section on Carnival. I will be embarking on my first NCL cruise in January. Can anyone compare the Vibe experience on NCL and the Serenity area on Carnival so I can decide what I want to do?
  14. Yet boomers are blamed for destroying the environment. I miss paper bags too.
  15. I like Beam and coke and we have pre-ordered also, so I feel you. It seems to me charges are very arbritrary.
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