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  1. That’s so weird that you can hear that child in the next room....I never hear anyone in the next room. I wonder if it’s because of the connecting door?
  2. We cruise June 1st so I will be sure to capture pics of all the speciality kids menus!
  3. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the kids menu for the speciality restaurants? I like to plan my reservations in advance and it will make a difference if there aren’t items on the menu that my kids will eat. We are booked in the steakhouse for the first night and I’ve seen the kids menu for the steakhouse and I know they all have something on that menu that they will enjoy. Now I am also curious if they can order two entries like the 4 oz steak and the chicken tenders? I have an 11 year old that eats like a man. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. The family harbor room comes with perks like a free night of the night owls and kids eat free in most specialty restaurants.
  5. We are a family of 6 and we’ve had deals for 3300 for a week and we’ve paid 5700 for a week. The best advice I can give is book the best option as far in advance as you can. Then I stalk the website for price adjustments and kids sail free offers depending on the cruise line. This way I have the room I want for a price I’m willing to pay and if I’m persistent and lucky then I may just get an even better deal! I’ve found for my family size that royal Caribbean and NCL have been the most affordable prices since I pick times of the year where kids sail free tend to be available. Good luck to you!
  6. I wonder if the kids camp on carnival will send a message via the hub app?
  7. Not every family harbor room is under the galley. I’m booked in room 2478 and the dining room is above us. I always recommend reviewing the floor plan for your room and the space above or below. I once had a room in the aft of triumph, a balcony and the pool deck was above us and I thought that would be perfect since at night it would be quite but I didn’t think they would be dragging chairs over the pool deck at 5am. I learned my lesson. I also heard some noise and vibration was felt from the Rutter as the ship turned to make dock on port days.
  8. My daughter dressed up on formal night.
  9. This is great advice, I don’t have much to add except I recommend fttf. We cruised once on the magic out of Galveston and the lines for checkin were crazy and with fttf we were at the front of the line and with kids this is very important! I have triplets and a singleton 18 months older and I can tell you waiting isn’t easy! Your advice about the swimsuits is spot on because regardless of weather cold or hot my kids will find water and they will be entertained!
  10. In Virginia we were unable to take the child with us, we would have to have the child stay with another family while we traveled. I’m sure state guidelines will dictate this, I assume the child’s parents could have a say since they may be getting regular visitation.
  11. I have a family of 6, triplets and a singleton. We’ve always cruised in one room when traveling without other family. We cruised on Ncl jade and Ncl jewel in a two bedroom family suite the best room we’ve ever had hands down! Kids had their own room it had a master bath like in your house! The balcony had very cozy furniture for lounging while the kids chilled. We’ve cruised royal Caribbean in the freedom class ships twice both times on the liberty of the seas and they have family oceanview and family Promenade rooms that sleep six. The downside is you have to call to book these rooms. Disney Cruise line also has rooms that sleep 5 but not six [emoji19]. You will find accommodations that fit your family but it will take some leg work, you could always hire a travel agent to do all that work for you.
  12. We went on liberty of the seas in April, my oldest who was 10 loved the adventure ocean! My eight year old triplets went from time to time, but overall they’d rather be with us. Have fun!
  13. My kids had their first cruise when they were 4 and 5. I have triplets that are now almost 9 and they’re going on their on 6th cruise in November. I recommend lots of snacks to have on embarkation and for ports of calls. I recommend a backpack with some of their favorite items to keep them busy like coloring book, doll, cars you get the idea. I would expect them to act how they do when you go out to dinner in your area. Keep in mind dinner service can be long and kids don’t have the patience for it. You may want to eat in the buffet on nights where they aren’t having it! The waiters help out a lot with keeping the kids entertained, this is dependent on your waiters. The more you talk to them about it and show them some videos they will get an idea of what to expect. You do need to tell them in advance how proud you are that they are behaving so good! Kids will be kids, make sure your plans are flexible based on what the kids need. If they offer the kids club or babysitting service on your cruise you may want an evening just you and your souse. Have fun!
  14. So you have 6 more cabins to buy for? That’s a lot, but it could happen! Fingers crossed!
  15. Don’t give up! I got a FTTF the night before a cruise once!
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