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  1. We are 🙋🏻‍♀️, third time Sailing on the liberty!
  2. So I logged in to check if any items were on sale and I’m noticing price differences but no banner indicating a sale, I recommend you all check on items you purchased or plan on purchasing. I booked many of the items during Black Friday sale so for me the prices aren’t better than what I paid, but they are lower than what was in there the other day.
  3. I bought the digital plus pics on Black Friday for $159.99. We sail in April on the liberty of the seas. I paid $199 a few years back for only the digital images so I’m over the moon! I did make a few cruise books on shutterfly and it’s a great keepsake! I recommend the photo package!
  4. On Black Friday I purchased the package for all photos for $159.99 which includes digital copy and prints!!
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