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  1. The problem is not the port, but with the bridges that the Granduer must sail under to get thru the bay. The Granduer only clears those brides by less than 10 feet, so, unless they build new bridges, or lower the sea level, taller ships can't get to Baltimore.
  2. Hi...my name is Paige, and I am 3yrs old. I really wanted to ride a water slide in the new Splash Away Bay, but I wasn't allowed. You see, I am 40 inches tall and fully potty trained. There are 2 areas in Splash Away Bay with slides. I must be 42 inches to ride the pink slide and 45 inches to ride the yellow slide. There is 1 additional slide in the baby area, but this one only allows toddlers who are NOT potty trained and must wear swim diapers. I was so disappointed!
  3. All departure information is printed on a handout given out the last night of the cruise.
  4. Yes...Suite (Grand & up) as well as Pinnacle had priority that met in the Schooner. All other C&A tiers were welcome to meet in the Michaelangelo Dining Room from 8:30 thru 10:30. We decided to "walk off" with the "Self Carry" group, hired a Porter who have their own Customs Lane thus bypassing most walk off customers.
  5. Just sailed on Liberty of the Seas on July 3, 2016. As a Diamond Plus member, I was disappointed to hear about the loss of a Concierge Club benefit on ships that now have Suite Lounges., but I had read about the change prior to the cruise. However, my bigger disappointment is the loss of an exclusive Departure Lounge & No Priority Disembarkation for Diamond Plus & Diamond tiers. On the Liberty of the Seas, all Crown & Anchor members are now lumped together for departure.
  6. My 23 yr old daughter has been in many talent shows on the Royal Caribbean ships over the past 15 years. If your granddaughter is under 18, the Adventure Ocean program includes a talent show for them separate from the Adult Talent show. The adult talent show sign-ups will be announced in your Cruise Compass early during the week and there will be 1 rehearsal. She needs to bring her own music recorded onto a CD, not an IPod or a Flash Drive. The music must not contain any profanity or "adult oriented" lyrics. The CD must contain only the performance music...no other songs. In the past, people have brought CDs with other songs on them and they were not allowed to be used as the DJs will not search the CD for the proper track. Have a great time!!!
  7. If your kids sign up for the Adventure Ocean Program, they usually conduct a Talent Show if enough interest exists. Depending on the # of kids they get to sign up, they'll have the show in either the large Theater or one of the Adult lounges. If your child plans on singing, make sure you take a copy of the background track on a cd. If you use an Ipod, make sure you take a cable that will connect the headphone jack to their sound system. Have a great time!
  8. A video I created highlighting a portion of our southern caribbean cruise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBz3WaVDbR0&feature=player_detailpage
  9. We were a family of 12 and prebooked for 12. At the time we booked, no other reservations existed. Others not with our family also prebooked for 12 so Silvermoon had no choice but to use both their cats for 2 groups of 12 since everyone paid the fee for a 12 person excursion. Our group was given the 24 person cat even though we only had 12 people. This was great!!! We had plenty of room to spread out. In your situation, Silver Moon must already have a prior reservation for a 24 person cruise (less expensive than the 12 person cruise) so they must reserve the bigger cat for this purpose. I assume the 12 person cruise is already sold out? Either way, you'll have a great time as you know.
  10. Here's a video link to our Silver Moon excursion on June 21, 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBz3WaVDbR0&feature=player_detailpage Enjoy!
  11. Just off the Serenade of the Seas in June 2011 and we have been to Barbados several times. I highly recommend the 12 person catamaran tour offered by Silver Moon (http://www.silvermoonbarbados.com) I included highlights of our excursion in the video I posted on YouTube. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBz3WaVDbR0&feature=player_detailpage Enjoy!
  12. I posted a video of our trip to this island. You can find it on You Tube by searching "Serenade of the Seas June 2011 Thompson Malthaner Reunion". Crusoe Island excursion is in the last 3 minutes of the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBz3WaVDbR0&feature=player_detailpage
  13. http://www.silvermoonbarbados.com. Our family just went on this on June 21, 2011. I posted a video on YouTube called "Serenade of the Seas June 2011 Thompson Malthaner Reunion" You'll love it!
  14. The water is approx 18 ft deep. Just make sure you wear your inflaitable snorkling vest and you'll easily float around them. Flippers are not permitted. To avoid the crowds, I highly recommend the 12 person excursion offered by Silver Moon Barbados http://www.silvermoonbarbados.com They also include drinks & lunch.
  15. Our family of 14 did this excursion which we booked through Royal Caribbean. A total of 49 people were on this excursion. In my opinion, 49 people is simply too many people for the resources provided. Our family was on the last boat ride to the island and we could not sit together as the other participants took all the prime beach chairs & umbrellas. We had to have 3 older umbrellas placed in the sand for us and the loungers were in disrepair. The brochure states that each participant would receive a chair & umbrella but in reality, each umbrella had to be shared by 3-4 people unless you were on the first boat to arrive. The hospitality of the host & employees was great! To make up for the lack of beach real estate, I made sure our group had space at the shaded picnic tables for lunch. 3 Tables of 8 are in the shanty and 1 other is on the platform in the sun by the restroom. I would not recommend this excursion for anyone with physical limitations. No boat docking facilities are available. To board the boat, you must walk into the water and board from the rear of the boat holding onto the outboard motor. No ladder or steps were provided. This can be a difficult process, especially if the water is wavy which it was when trying to board my elderly parents. The island & beach is very picturesque and would be perfect for a group of 20 - 25 people at the most.
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