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  1. Not sure how I missed this until today and had to binge read. Is that a term you know?
  2. aren't we all. I have had on make up once since 3/14, and that was so I didn't scare my kids when we had a zoom family gathering.
  3. Hope you are enjoying the day and not having any rough seas. Anxious to hear more. Ukigirl, in the picture of you in the hot tub, I think you resemble Jane Seymour.
  4. Nope. I bought no TP or hand sanitizer. We had TP and soap for our needs.
  5. Then they saw how many Americans don't believe there is a problem and are ignoring recommendations. (Flame suit on.) This as I am sitting at home hoping I have enough food for the duration.
  6. I have been listening to the Governor also. Curious to know what and when the captain tells you.
  7. Yep, I also am watching the news conference where Hogan made this statement. As well as closing all schools next week.
  8. So you have to do each item 20 times? That means clothes shopping twice a month. I know I couldn't do a lot of these 20 times each. Good luck. Can't wait to hear more of your cruise.
  9. Looking forward to following along. We have the southern Caribbean booked for February 6, 2021.
  10. When we were on Radiance in Alaska this summer, there were really only 2 days without ports. One was cruising Hubbard Glacier so that was the entertainment in the afternoon. In the morning we had the Meet in Mingle and a trivia game. On the last cruising day, we did the galley tour and brunch and loved it. Otherwise we relaxed and watched the scenery and looked for whales and eagles.
  11. I like to take a highlighter to mark the things I want to do in the cruise compass.
  12. We went to Alaska this past August with son and DIL. It was great to see Alaska and even better to share with family. DD is having number 2. Being "Mam-Mom" (she cant say Grandmom) is the best.
  13. I have a long wait but we have a cruise booked for February 2021 where we will turn Platinum. Have to start somewhere. But while we wait, we will welcome a new grandchild and have an Outer Banks vacation planned. All happy things.
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