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  1. The only upgrade I ever got so far from Celebrity is from a salad fork to a steak knife🤪
  2. King of B2Bs Almost NEVER do just one and done. Flying to anywhere means a B2B is the min
  3. I've got the upgrade a couple of times for a pre-cruise / online sale.
  4. I'm looking for that sale but can't find it. Do you have a link?
  5. I’ve sailed out of SAN Juan dozens of times and if you want to tour this is the best bet. The crazy that is the Pan Am Pier can be for several hours around the start of boarding is legendary By late afternoon Uber or Taxis breeze in
  6. I’m in Portugal right now for a week plus before getting on the Reflection and ending up in Ft Lauderdale been there done it and always got on the ship in Europe and off in Florida never heard of a assta 😁
  7. So, my bottle of Pellegrino each night and three Heineken Zero count? Signed Pompous Geezer
  8. Btw i can wear any colour I want because use I am a lucky SOB mouse kissssssses
  9. But I have above average for the last r a great thing sleigh check
  10. Im in Montreal, having lived in the Caribbean and Bahamas for years.
  11. I lived on my boat in the Bahamas and have never seen as bad a H-Cane as this. The sad news will trickle in over the next few days.....
  12. If you want the warm and best side of the Caribbean San Juan. Need a Sky (bigger balcony cabin with Lumine) Tampa Personally I would not go near Tampa near the Super Bowl.
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