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  1. The storm is down graded and no more updates are expected to be issued. Whew!
  2. Hmmm, goes to show things aren't consistent between ships/servers In the MDR this last B2B Hawaii cruise the bottle of Pelegreano was opened and left at our table. We both had a premium drink package
  3. Big day today. We’ve been invited to the captain’s table for dinner tonight. Wow! Plus another event earlier today. Will try not to faint.Weather has been perfect. Ship upgrades lovely & very elegant.
  4. Dear wife and a friend are aboard the Summit right now. Wonder if there will be a change in the itinerary .
  5. Poop, can’t say how sad I feel Never met him but like many things in today’s connected world, maybe kidded myself into knowing him Donald
  6. Joni just boarded and I forwarded this thread Spank you very mulch
  7. I did it on a Hawaii B2B and you’re assisted but it’s you Did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did
  8. Just adding myself into the pool of information on the board I have been there
  9. As a old sailor if you want to get out of somewhere and can move around even slightly book first class and you can get home. they will be there for you not med vac, but I can tell you it works
  10. Put in a upgrade bid for the ladies but it was turned down they will have to slum it in a standard balcony but since Joni is Elite Plus they should have some sort of priority enjoy!
  11. Spoke to Joni and she's checked in but they aren't boarding just yet.... the afore mentioned Anthem of the Seas thing
  12. Dear wifey is there as I type starting a girl friend cruise texted her to see what’s what
  13. They (the weather people) have been overly pessimistic for days and as I sit on my balcony it’s getting sunny yippee
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