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  1. So, my bottle of Pellegrino each night and three Heineken Zero count? Signed Pompous Geezer
  2. Btw i can wear any colour I want because use I am a lucky SOB mouse kissssssses
  3. But I have above average for the last r a great thing sleigh check
  4. Im in Montreal, having lived in the Caribbean and Bahamas for years.
  5. I lived on my boat in the Bahamas and have never seen as bad a H-Cane as this. The sad news will trickle in over the next few days.....
  6. If you want the warm and best side of the Caribbean San Juan. Need a Sky (bigger balcony cabin with Lumine) Tampa Personally I would not go near Tampa near the Super Bowl.
  7. Those AQ showers cost me a small fortune because when we got home we had to renovate our bathroom with a similar system but with even more Jets and very expensive Italian engeneering To the poster who said they don’t use the jets well you don’t have to use them you could just use the showerhead it doesn’t make any difference. We loved the jets
  8. I would say that after enough cruises they may not worry as much on B2B2B2Bs. That said, if we had been aboard (in Hawaii we were on the other side of the island. It was an evening departure) we always go.
  9. For missing a muster drill.... not a chance. If the person was sent off the ship it wasn't for just missing the drill. BTW, for the last few cruises they were using electronic attendance so know if you are aboard or not. As far as I know if you are off ship they won't delay the drill calling your cabin
  10. We also missed it on that Hawaii cruise and never were asked to do it on the second B2B
  11. While I am a white dude, I don’t jump
  12. I've been on the Summit more than any other single cruise ship, and my wife just got back (most frequent cruiser for the first time) and the MDR food is really good. If my sister was still alive she'd probably not eat a number of things/// but there you go eh? 🙂
  13. $ 1,000.00 I wouldn't worry about carrying that amount. In a past life that was walk-around money.
  14. To quote Shakespeare "If you cut me do I not bleed?" 🙂
  15. I'll tell you what is outrageous. Montrealers cheering for Toronto and Boston..... The apocalypse is here Thousands turn out to Montreal's Jurassic Park for Raptors game
  16. Hmmmm... doesn't sound like it's even slightly outrageous. Just do something else.
  17. Yes. Two bags for Elite + It's actually 30 items (20 on some cruises) no need to fret about over-stuffing the bag
  18. Just a note that the captn's dinner was held in the Main Dinning room about 6:30-7
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