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  1. show up when you want, you will be fine (as long as you meet the 90 minute requirement.) Pearl refers to your level in the Blue Chip (Casino) affiliate program
  2. +1 for the crew fund. it will be greatly appreciated.
  3. supposed to be on Celebrity's website yesterday. Just a guess, but I would give it a few days (probably monday)
  4. I was under the impression there was no charge for specialty restaurants on Crystal. Is this correct? Or is only the first one (At each venue) complimentary? Does it matter if you are in a PH? thanks.
  5. maybe you'll get the Captain's quarters! Good luck!
  6. Long time Celebrity cruisers (suites) wanted to try premium lines. Did 2 on Seabourn and 1 Oceania (enjoyed them all,) but Crystal had an itinerary this December that fit our schedule. Looking forward to it!
  7. we ate in the main dining room once, and it was fine but we prefer the variety at the buffet. we ate in the specialty restaurants once or twice each, and several nights in the buffet.
  8. Wife and I did our first Oceania cruise on the Riviera in March 2019. We LOVED the Terrace for dinner. Great quality, variety, and service. Try it and see for yourself.
  9. actually some discounts are available to flight attendants also, and that is a much shorter path.
  10. a quick search of interline eligibility for Crystal brought up this: - Past guests who are Crystal Society members are eligible for Interline rates unless they have, or have had, a full-fare reservation on the desired Interline-rate voyage. The OP needs to get over it. Interline is a generous discount that comes with restrictions. Don't like it? Then take your business elsewhere, as you have indicated. But to throw a tantrum about the published rule is juvenile. And I agree with cruisr above about some of the airline captains who indeed have a superiority complex.
  11. do you mean Officers that are old or high ranking?
  12. Jane only stays in the Penthouse. Those that know her will understand.
  13. the crew are not your grandchildren. they do not want your gifts. they may smile to be polite. they want cash. do not patronize them. apparently you do not "get it". enjoy your cruise.
  14. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1751/~/importing-hemp-seeds-and-hemp-products-into-the-u.s. good luck
  15. Personally I find the Oceania buffet to be excellent, both in terms of food quality, and service. If you want more, just ask for more. The lines/crowding are no worse than any other cruise line. I prefer the full-service method because it is more sanitary.
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