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  1. perhaps you should consider Skype. almost free.
  2. I would be surprised if there are any cruises in 2020. Hope I'm wrong. Can't wait for my next Crystal Cruise!
  3. I did not watch the video, but the ingredient list shows "coconut paste" pretty sure he means green curry paste, considering it is green curry!
  4. of course it is conjecture. you really think there will be international cruising prior to a (widely available) vaccine?
  5. Masks are the least of your worries. Very likely this cruise will cancel. Not likely to be any cruises this year, especially international. good luck!
  6. thanks for posting this - most delicious recipe!
  7. No way would I give them any more $$$. You would just be increasing your exposure and risk. A bird in hand....
  8. not if the company mishandled the situation, which it sounds like they initially did, based on the allegations in the civil complaint. BTW the case sounds pretty convincing to me, based on the evidence detailed in said complaint.
  9. bad news that they are only giving FCC, not refunds. Hope the company survives.
  10. I would book Oceania because is it 3 days longer. Oceania balcony versus Celebrity Suite are comparable in many regards. The Riviera is a beautiful ship and the food excellent. If you factor in the (included) specialty restaurants, I prefer Oceania over Celebrity Suite/Luminae.
  11. Well I hope you are right, but IMO there is no chance this is going to happen. Even with a vaccine, demand will be reduced due to the wrecked economy. Personally I think the best strategy is just sit back and wait. Prices are definitely going (way) down, just like after 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis.
  12. This policy just encourages the senior crowd to long for 69 again, which is a young person's game.
  13. I don't think cruising will pick up until a vaccine is widely available. Yes I realize this is 12-18 months away, best case. Until then the cruise lines will require medical certification, which many (most) people will not be able to obtain. At least 1 of the big companies is going bankrupt/liquidation, as will some of the smaller lines. I love cruising, but this is the perfect storm situation.
  14. You can rest assured that it will soon be cancelled.
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