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  1. Update. Our refund posted on our American Express card. Seven business days. Hoping those still waiting receive theirs promptly.
  2. Thank you for this post. I cancelled our Jan 2021 cruise on Friday 7/31 and was told 7-10 business days. Glad to hear that those cruises that were not in final payment status are refunding quickly. Stay safe.
  3. If you sign into your booking, look for preferences and you can change from a set dining time to your time.
  4. I emailed the City of Long Beach (about a different parking question). The garages are operated by LAZ Parking 562-570-8055.
  5. Here is the parking information for the lot in question. https://www.parklb.com/parking-lotsgarages/downtown-parking/city-place-a-50-w-6th-st/ Also, as the email says, Carnival has secured parking at the Convention Center.
  6. Wanted to follow up if you remember/know where this lot is? Is it the convention parking that Carnival recently announced they secured? Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you for the review. We are leaving on Sunday 12/1/19, our first time on both CCL, we will be on the Imagination though. Very excited to try something new, we have been excursively on NCL in the past. NCL caters to solo travelers, I would scope them out for solo cruising. Out of curiosity did any of your cruise friends bring up pier parking? My travel OCD is getting the best of me and I am anxious how parking at the pier will go. I know others have commented on threads that Carnival has diverted some parking to garages in Long Beach, and a recent thread indicating a new lot has opened up. I know in the long run it will be fine, but I like to plan ahead. Thanks in advance for any information you might have.
  8. Can you park in overnight hotel lots for Queen Mary? Or do they enforce that somehow?
  9. We are sailing Imagination on 12/1/2019 and I did not receive this email. I am now debating about changing my parking location based on the posted letter.
  10. Yes I am past my final payment which was 10-9. Cant tell if I booked early saver or not.
  11. I was reading the low price guarantee and it states must be claimed within 48 hours? Is this true? I paid off our cruise in September and did a mock booking tonight and it is about $100 cheaper for the same room category. Thoughts?
  12. Thank you - I was thinking of getting there around 11:00 or 11:30.
  13. Do you recall what time you started boarding in Long Beach? I am considering purchasing. We have a check in time for noon.
  14. We are staying at the Westin, using points. There is a garage attached to the hotel which offers 24 hour parking. I have not parked in LB in a LONG time, are you allowed to do overnight parking in the garages? They have advertised 24 hour rates? I was thinking it would be easy to uber back and forth before and after the cruise.
  15. We are checking parking/checking in till 1130 that day. Do you see any issue with the garage filling up?
  16. Hello All - We are sailing on the Imagination on 12/1/2019. How is parking at the Long Beach Terminal? Pron/Con? Other locations for long term parking? Our hotel does not offer parking outside of staying at the property. Thank you advance for responses.
  17. We are sailing 12/1/2019. We have stayed and are staying at the Westin Long Beach.
  18. Here is a reply from someone who sailed this past week and posted in a roll call
  19. We are sailing on the Imagination from Long Beach 12-1-19. I am curious if anyone is sailing on her after her dry docks end 11-2-2019 and if you could post any noticeable differences or if they are just cosmetic/cleaning upgrades. Thank you in advance.
  20. Thanks so much for the information - I am fine with cool and rainy.
  21. Greetings, Experienced cruiser from NCL who decided to try the 4-Day Long-Beach to Ensanada itinerary. I have read a few posts regarding this itinerary. Has anyone sailed during December? What kind of weather did you have? Are the ships decorated for Christmas? I understand there could either be a party vibe, but that does not bother us. Boarding times - seems like Carnival you book a time to show up? Parking options besides the garage? Whats the earliest you have gotten off the boat? Thanks in advance for any responses.
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