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  1. good luck! This whole process stressed me out! So glad it is done.
  2. We are sailing on Saturday so we just did our E Med tests. They are not hard to do, but you do need to be careful! DH went first and had no issues. I then logged in on the app and started my test. I got all the way through to the end and was then told they could not read my results because my husband was the "account holder". I had to close the browser, then restart my computer. Also restarted my phone for good measure. Followed the same procedure and this time was able to record my results. If you and your spouse/traveling partner are testing back to back, I'd suggest closing your browser and restarting between tests. Just to be safe. Thankfully I had also purchased extra test kits. 48 hours until boarding!!!!!
  3. I am right with you! Went back to wearing a mask everywhere when we knew we'd have to test before. Both DH and I re fully vaccinated...but as we all know that doesn't necessarily mean a thing. I have the BiNax kits here at home. Am also going to try and schedule rapid tests with a local pharmacy. We are safe either way. We are traveling all day Friday so HAVE to get our tests on Thursday to make sure they are within the proper window.
  4. Booked this trip 569 days ago. Pre Covid...who knew what would happen between then and now. We are FINALLY in single digits for our 8 day on the Horizon. Now just to get over the testing hurdle and I will start to relax.
  5. I was not asking about water with Cheers, but about the large bottles of water that are typically in your cabin. VIFP members get them as a perk. I have also purchased additional bottles ahead and had then delivered to my cabin.
  6. I have absolutely no issue with getting water at the bars. And you are so right, people will whine about anything! 😄
  7. You would not have to show ID at the ports you mention becasue4 the cruise line owns them. And yes, you DO have to show ID in Nassau and everywhere else before you get into the are strictly reserved for cruise ship passengers.
  8. The passport is great for her main ID. Keep in mind that you have to show that photo ID every time you get back on the ship at each port (in the terminal buildings). You may not want to carry her passport everywhere with you. I would see if you can get the photo ID card from your state so that way you can use it when you go ashore without fear of losing the valuable passport.
  9. Thank you! Preorders through the Fun Shops are $3.50 for those big bottles. Last time I cruised with my kids we did the case of small bottles. I bring my own insulated tumbler now so the big ones are better.
  10. I think you are reading it wrong. The guidelines state a series of the same type...that means either 2 Pfizer of 2 Moderna, not 1 of each.
  11. You are likely NOT ok under the current guidelines. Your vaccines must be a 2 shot series of the SAME TYPE in order to be fully vaccinated. So 1 Pfizer and 1 Moderna would not satisfy that.
  12. For those who have sailed recently, are there still complimentary (or paid ) large bottles of water in the cabins? I usually order a few in addition to that, but want to make sure I don't get too many though the Fun Shops before we board. How do you get the free bottles that come as a VIFP perk now? Any help is appreciated.
  13. While I am sorry you had this experience, it is on you and not on Carnival. It has been well stated that vaccines are not fully completed and effective until 2 weeks AFTER your last shot. The 14 days applies to the 2 weeks following the shot. In order to sail by 9/23, you must have had your second shot on or before 9/9.
  14. Best thing I learned while looking at our options last week was this: CVS/Walgreens/ Rite Aid may do the testing on their site, but it is sent elsewhere for processing. So the "clock" on when your test is ready is NOT from your testing sample time, but from when the lab receives it. Unless you have the option for rapid testing, there's a pretty good chance your will NOT have your results within the 48 hour window. I'm ordering the test kits and scheduling a rapid test at a local pharmacy (not a chain) so that I know we will be covered either way.
  15. Looks absolutely heavenly. I'll be enjoying this on my Horizon cruise in October. Hope DH does too!
  16. Well, we are on the CARNIVAL board, and that is their current sailing requirement.
  17. We've all had to wear masks pretty much everywhere for more than a year. Why would having to wear one on a cruise be any different? I recently traveled by plans...cumulative time in a mask was over 18 hours. I survived. A cruise is much easier since there are many places you don't have to wear one.
  18. I'm, not sure, but the Cheers program prohibits drinks in souvenir glasses. I wonder if this would just be the first, but then your refills would be covered since you aren't repurchasing the glass.
  19. It was that way for quite a while...anyone could use the area after 7pm. Then they made the area 100% exclusive for Havana cabins so that no one else could come back there. Not sure if that is still the case. We are sailing in a Havana on the Horizon in October, so I will check that out.
  20. If you actually read my post, I clearly said it is open to ALL on the inside only. The OUTSIDE portion is only for Havana area guests.
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