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  1. Celebrity is accepting passengers on oxygen and peritoneal dialysis! We already have 2 cruises booked.
  2. We have rented Scooters from one of the companies that specializes in cruise rentals. They have a 3-wheel model that works perfectly in non-HA cabins. It has a narrower base and has never been an issue for us. Happy cruising!
  3. Thank you both! I normally go off the ship with just my phone and seapass. I'll make a copy and keep that in my pocket, too.
  4. Hi Jim - absolutely loving every moment of your trip. Quick question: on another thread you had mentioned that you need to show your vax cards when leaving the ship. Can you just show your phone app (like NYS Excelsior app) with all your vax info on it or must it be the actual card? 89 more days - but who's counting😉 Thanks, Jim! Can't wait for Part 2. Carole
  5. Everything looks simply wonderful. The photos are fabulous. 99 days to go for us! Can you please let us know if the balcony gets morning sun, afternoon sun or if completely shaded? Thanks, Jim.
  6. Hi Jim - so excited for you both - and oh so jealous! I'll be following along as you go. Safe travels! Carole
  7. Thanks so much for sharing that list. Love that you took the time to take a photo of it. Makes me appreciate the laundry facilities on Princess even more.
  8. Then we’d really have to cheat the system as we are the lowly of the low’s on Celebrity (Elite on Princess). We’ve only sailed once before on Celebrity and it was a free cruise. Thank you very much. Learning quite a lot about Celebrity here.
  9. Thank you, Jim! Love reading your posts. I went back to my booking. It’s a Penthouse Suite. The laundry perk reads: Complimentary laundry service (twice per cruise). If you think I can actually send out everyday, I might just pack an overnight bag😉 As if! (Cruise isn’t until December and I’m already thinking about packing. Think I’m anxious??)
  10. We are sailing on Celebrity Millennium in December. We've sailed with Celebrity once before - in Aqua - so no free laundry. (It was only a 7 day cruise so it didn't much matter.) We'll be in a suite this time - longer cruise - but I thought the brochure said that the Free Laundry perk was only twice per cruise. Can you actually send out laundry everyday? Not sure that would change the packing dynamic but curious to know. I do appreciate - and use - the laundry facilities on Princess all the time - even as an Elite passenger. I really prefer to do my own laundry. Thank you!
  11. Zahav1: yes - we were getting all of our info/protocols in place before contacting Baxter - our supplier. Thankfully, we were able to book a lovely cruise on Celebrity for December 2021. We do have 2 Princess cruises booked for late 2022 so we still hope they re-think this decision. However, knowing that Celebrity is more than happy to welcome us aboard gives us lots of other options.
  12. Pleased to report that although Princess is not allowing passengers on PD or those requiring oxygen, Celebrity seems to be accepting new reservations for those folks. We have just booked.
  13. My point is they could say the same for older people (of which I am one), who account for more than 80% of Covid deaths. And what about cancer patients, or folks with chronic lung diseases, dementia and diabetes (I have looked around for the most immunocompromised people out there) so they’re saving sick beds for all these other folks but not people on oxygen or doing peritoneal dialysis?
  14. In case you haven’t already heard, Princess has canceled cruises for all passengers on dialysis and passengers on oxygen through the end of the year. I asked if passengers with other immunocompromised illnesses were also denied passage and they stated that they are not. This strikes me as a totally random decision, clearly not well thought out. Does this seem discriminatory to you?
  15. Princess Cruise Lines canceled my December 2021 cruise today. They have stated that passengers on Dialysis and passengers on Oxygen will be denied passage through the end of the year. ( My husband is on peritoneal dialysis.) I asked if passengers with other immunocompromised illness would also be denied passage and they stated that they had no information on that. Does this seem discriminatory to any of you?
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