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  1. We would have paid her share. I’m going to call my pvp with Carnival and let you know what I find out.
  2. We planned on pre purchasing the drink package for each of us. So with her not going we will be forced to wait. Not only will we be stuck paying her share but also extra having to wait to purchase the drink package.
  3. I assume port fees would be refundable? If so can anyone tell how much that would be? 8 day Horizon. Would they show up as stateroom credit or refunded back to credit card?
  4. Sorry Kind of long. Four of us decided to try the Havana inside staterooms. Sailing Horizon October 2019. Would have had two staterooms with two in each room. At the last minute a third friend decided they wanted to join. We got lucky and booked the three person and a two person. All of us have paid in full except the third person. Final payment is not due until July. The third person is now considering not going. I have been reading how Carnival could move us into a two person room. All the other Havana rooms are booked. Would they force us into a regular interior? We are traveling with another group and want to stay in the Havana area. Third person does have the travel insurance with Carnival. She has only paid in $325 dollars. After reading about “no show” I’m wondering if that is our best option. The remaining two are willing to pay her share. In the end it really isn’t that much more. We know what our original fee would have been if she wouldn’t have went. I have read Carnival could cancel and makes us rebook at current rate😱. It is twice as expensive. I’m so stressed out. I wanted to get some feedback before calling Carnival. Not sure I trust what they might want us to do. Help
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