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  1. Received the letter from the NCL president that starting on Tuesday you can cancel your cruise. I am so disappointed that it is excluding those of us who sail tomorrow, even Carnival had their policy in place and did not exclude this weekend's cruises. This is so awful of NCL!! Must of had to have the revenue from these sailings, pathetic NCL! Anyone have any luck contacting them directly?
  2. This has happened to us. The waiter in the MDR would charge my husbands card for myself and brothers drinks every night because we were having the same number and he would leaver there way up. We finally figured that out on about the 5th night! Hubby wasn't very happy!
  3. Hello we have 2 cabins on our upcoming cruise and I noticed that we are now Platinum. It looks like we get either Cagney's or Le Bistro and ALSO La Moderno or La Cucina? My question is when I try to book this I am being charged on NCL. Do I have to wait until we are on board to make these reservations? 2nd question - My husband and I are in different cabins so does that mean we each can bring a person so for a total of 4 paid meals? Thanks
  4. Anyone know when my sons cruises will show up, is it after he sails when he is 18? Wondering if he is in another cabin will he and the other guest get the Diamond meal vouchers during this cruise or after he sails ?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, that is a nice perk! my son is turning 18 soon and should also be Platinum when they give him credit for his cruises.
  6. Hello I was just looking and we are Platinum and one of the benefits is Cagney/Le Bistro for 2. My question is this for 1 cruise or unlimited? thanks
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