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  1. I have sailed on Windstar twice ( on the Windstar). It’s a great experience especially if you love sailing. Like SD, no balconies but the cabins are very comfortable. Also like SD, you can visit small harbours and islands which is great in the Caribbean. The atmosphere is relaxed and resort casual. But it does not offer the same level of personal service as SD or Seabourn. Alcoholic drinks are not included in price. The service is not as polished as Seabourn but overall fine. The biggest disadvantage to me is the greater passenger capacity.
  2. Thank you for putting these numbers into context.
  3. Hi Jim it’s not my style to challenge anyone’s statements but I thought the CDC reported just over 12,000 deaths due to H1N1 in its first year of outbreak in the US.
  4. It turns out Andreas, that you are as good as your word! My refund was applied 40 days after my cancellation! My credit card (VISA) was sitting on the refund! I am really glad you reached out on this board!
  5. Andreas, thanks for reaching out and I am going to contact my travel agent with this information and find out what is happening.
  6. Still waiting for my refund after 75 days...
  7. Thank you both. Just another reason not to wait for big milestones to do the things you always wanted to do.
  8. On a very sad note, we have had to cancel our Oct 10th Med cruise because my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Although the prognosis is hopeful, his chemotherapy and radiation will be ongoing for the next six months. At first we explored applying our deposit to a future cruise (Seadream was willing to book us until early 2022 with a modest discount on future cruises) we felt that with so much uncertainty in our lives right now, we will revisit this decision in 2021. Our TA was informed by SeaDream it will take 90 days to get our deposit back.
  9. Will Seadream roll over deposits for cancelled voyages to future voyages? We sail in October but if that trip doesn’t happen, I would still like to do a Seadream cruise in 2021
  10. Hi Piaa: We are also scheduled for the Oct 10 cruise and are wondering if we should pull the plug on it
  11. I really appreciate all the advice. I really did not know where to start and I know I would be missing out if I did not spend a few days in Rome!
  12. This is all wonderful advice and exactly what I am looking for! I don’t feel so lost now! thank you!
  13. Hi there. So excited. We will be taking our first SeaDream cruise in October 2020, with an Italian-focused cruise beginning and ending in Rome. I love doing research about places to stay but I am feeling very overwhelmed about choosing a place to stay in Rome. It will be our first time in Rome and just don't know where to start. We do know that we want to stay in a location that is not so crazy overrun with tourists (I know this will be difficult). If any of you have recommendations for hotels you stayed in Rome either pre or post cruise, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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