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  1. Liberty Of The Seas current location is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 25.76511 N / -78.15891 W) cruising en route to COCOCAY. The AIS position was reported 21 minutes ago. I saw her at Port Miami 3, maybe 4 days ago,,,so looks like staying off the eastern Florida coast.
  2. BUT,,you are right in saying GOOD LUCK getting served !!
  3. '"I think new plan includes unlimited drinks during happy hour, Now, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited drinks from the Captain’s Club menu daily from 5pm to 7pm at bars and lounges throughout your ship"
  4. My take is its more about cost savings than a concern over social distancing. Its one less venue that needs to be staffed and serviced with meal provisions. While I'm sure each cruise and each ship is different its been my experience that WJ evening buffet is lightly attended, food wasted, and usually a place for officers and the like to grab a meal. If ships cruise at less than capacity something has to give and the almighty dollar dictates cutting back. The more one cuts the fewer areas available for social distancing,,,so best of luck cruise lines with that dilemma.
  5. Sorry link did not copy as I guess was from a blog,
  6. Can you say brown paper bag? Looks like evolution on the horizon. https://www.*****.com/2020/10/08/royal-caribbean-will-not-have-dinner-buffet-option-first-cruises-back
  7. Is today the date CDC is to make announcement for possible cruise line cancellation extension? I was just watching news coverage on CNBC and they report should have announcement in the next two hours. I'm sure will spark controversy no matter what decision is made.
  8. For those scheduled I hope she does sail soon I just remain skeptical if it will be before years end . I guess the CDC will determine that soon. Happy and Safe cruising all.
  9. I seriously doubt if Mariner sails for remainder of year.
  10. Colon is on the northern (Atlantic) side of Panama. If you are going to Panama City then the route is via the canal but if not chances are your ship will not cruise thru the canal.
  11. I bet referring to Panama Canal locks in which case you can see from either side but I think best view is from upper observation decks.
  12. And,,,a vetted vaccine would be nice too.
  13. Is it just me or is no one concerned about cruise lines remaining in operation.?? CCL reported this morning as expected: -- Carnival (CCL) (CUK), a cruise operator, reported pre-market Tuesday an adjusted fiscal Q3 net loss of $1.7 billion, compared with adjusted earnings of $1.82 billion in the prior-year period. They reportedly have 8.2 billion in cash and equivalents but with a burn rate approx 6-7 million this shutdown has got to be causing some angst. I cant wait for my next scheduled cruise in June but Covid may turn out to be the least of my worries if lines are
  14. Congrats. I think that is the "smart" move but hey, I thought that at $50 too . Best of luck to you .
  15. Stock just broke $70, how many beverage packages does it take to get that price?
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