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  1. demodawn

    Royal - Labadee Earthquake

    We live here in Haiti. Labadee is quite close to Haiti and it’s in an area we are hearing of damage. But I don’t think it will effect any cruises. At least two comfirmed dead. But it happened in the evening and will need to wait till am to assess all the damage.
  2. demodawn

    FLL to Miami Port--great shuttle experience!

    Anyone have contact info?
  3. Looking for pictures of ocean view accessible cabins esp on the enchantment. But will take any of other ships. I looked under photo section but search didnt work well.
  4. Looking for transport from FLL to miami hotel then next day hotel to port of Miami. Can anyone give me some info?
  5. Enjoy and bring back as we board next sun! Will be interested as I purchased for ne device for our TA
  6. demodawn

    Loyalty Perks No "3 Free Drinks"???

    You can also get soda and on some ships bottled water. But that is another sore subject!
  7. [quote name='spookwife']by that same token, suite pax who are NOT diamond are also finding it damn near impossible to get a seat in the CL. at least D+ have a fall back if the CL is packed. but Suite pax have no such luxury nor do they get the three drink vouchers nightly(unless of course they are D/+ in their own right) SOMETHING has to be done to alleviate the overcrowding in BOTH lounges. I have said it many times before: give the D+ the lounge exclusively and let Ds get their drinks via voucher., I'll even be nice and give them one free specialty coffee per day to forestall the inevitable b!tching about the loss of the coffee machine access.[/QUOTE] By your "tone" I would take you are diamond plus or above. If they take the diamond lounge from us it will be the second time as second cruise after as diamond remove us from concierges lounge and now you are proposing it again
  8. demodawn

    Just off Navigator

    Soda machines
  9. Great adventure! Thanks for bringing us!
  10. demodawn

    Hyatt House in Dania Beach-Uber?

    No shuttle to port was told $60 for shuttle. They must be crazy!
  11. demodawn

    Hyatt House in Dania Beach-Uber?

    On uber site was $9.50
  12. demodawn

    Hyatt House in Dania Beach-Uber?

    Second question, did they have room for all your luggage?
  13. demodawn

    Hyatt House in Dania Beach-Uber?

    Could anyone give me the cost?