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  1. The sail-a- way rate always seems to be sold out. Im the type that says something if I see someone being disrespectful to those working on the ship. I had to go that route on our last cruise. After reading and reading and reading, I'm going with Carnival. As stated before, I have no complaints in cruising with Carnival, yet. I just wanted to try something different. I'm a planner, so that's why Im planning so early. Plus I like to pay for as much as I can prior to the cruise, so all I have to do is get on-board and have fun. This cruise will be interesting as it'll be a first with us doing the CHEERS program. Hopefully I wont be one of those drunks dancing on tables and stuff...LOL! j/k. I tend to know my limits
  2. I did a mock booking of a 3 day cruise on Carnival with a balcony + cheers and it came out to $1303.76 total. If I wanted to pre-pay grats (which I always do); add $77.70 to the total. Ive had a balcony before and we just didnt utilize it like I thought. I'd go with just an interior, but DH likes natural light, so even with an ocean view + Cheers, the total came out to $1183.76. We've never done cheers but I know it covers drinks up to $15, soda, and specialty coffees which DH loves, and water 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages served in bars and lounges Large format (1 liter and 1.5-liter) bottles of water in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants I know with Cheers, we'd break even...LOL! I always say Im not going to go overboard with drinking but then I get on board and *sigh*. Thats not even including what I order to have in the cabin through the funshop. Gosh, I sound like a lush...Ha!
  3. I've cruised out of Nola, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral. We always drive down the day before; except with Nola which is about a 5 hr drive, so we drove the day of cruise. Where there some "drunks", yes but it wasnt nearly as bad compared to when I've gone to some of the clubs here. I've seen a few fights break out on my cruises but security handled things with the quickness. I guess Im trying to understand what the atmosphere is like on a Norwegian, if your friends wont do Carnival again. If it's lame or not very lively on Norwegian (maybe it differs from ship to ship??), then I know for certain that Norwegian isnt for us. We arent drunks but we love to drink, have fun, and interact with folks. I just wanted to try something different, not because I'm disappointed about Carnival. Im not at that point, yet.
  4. Just with this bit of information that has been posted, I think I'll stick with Carnival; at least for now.
  5. Heeeey....I'm from the South *side eyes* you!! The cruises Ive been on with Carnival, Redneck? No! Party cruise? Yes! Or if it was full of rednecks (which I hate that term), I was too busy living my best life to even notice *shrugs* We prefer a lively cruise and if NCL is not like that, then it's definitely not for us.
  6. Ouch...I havent had any major complaints about Carnival. Just wanted to maybe try something different that didnt also cost and arm and a leg. Not sure if prices are a bit high because we'd be cruising in May.
  7. All of my cruises have been with Carnival. We have an upcoming 4 day cruise ((but need to change to a 3 day cruise due to my classes) but I'm thinking about trying out Norwegian. I came across 2 - 3 day cruises out of Port Canaveral on Norwegian Sun. I've been to Nassau a few times already but Great Stirrup Cay would be a new port to visit. Both ocean view; DH has to have natural light, includes unlimited drinks (are soda's, and specialty coffees included?) and 2 options if booking an ocean view; I would choose the picture package and $50 off a shore excursion at each port(s). (1) Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau - Total: $1114.54 (2) Great Stirrup Cay and Sea day - Total: $1274.54 If I did a 3 day (ocean view) with Carnival; Princess Cay (never been) and Nassau. Total: $1257.26 which includes the Cheers package. No discount on shore excursion but there is a $50 on board credit. We dont want to worry about anything other than relaxing, which is why we are going with CHEERS for the first time if we went with Carnival. Ok here are my questions. (1) Of the 3 choices, which seems the best option? (2) Gratuity on Carnival comes to $77.70 total. Is gratuity included with the price for Norwegian? If not, what would be the price or estimation? (3) Does Norwegian have a "party type vibe"? We're pretty laid back but love to have fun. Especially when it comes to dancing. (4) What about internet? Pricing? Carnival offers the HUB app, does Norwegian offer something similar? Any other information would be appreciated.
  8. Oh heck, I thought I had responded to this. If I recall, internet was hit or miss when attempting to log into class. Like you, I was able to do the minimum to meet the requirement. We plan on cruising in May 2019 and I will need to decide to just take a week off or attempt to do just the minimum again until I have a good connection to log into class.
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