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  1. Hi Roscoe Well we arrived home today. I heard a lot of bad things about this cruise and ship especially when disembarking this morning. However, I had a good time. Food was fabulous and the drinks reasonable. Not too much entertainment though - we used to be dancers and still like to do a twirl after dinner to help get rid of the calories. Unfortunately not too much dancing on this ship - although I did 1 of the Scottish dance classes. That was a lot of fun but the movement up on deck 11 and all spins we had to do made me feel a little dizzy so I only did the1 class. Our room - we had a superior verandah on deck 9 was very well situated. When we got in the room, it was hot and stuffy. We asked the room steward to check it out - from then on it was like a refrigerator but at least we were able to sleep at night. It seemed a lot of other people had the same problem - it was either roasting hot or freezing cold and no amount of adjustment could fix it. How did you enjoy it? Mummsie
  2. Yes we have another big cruise in May. Southampton to Croatia :) No world cup for us - don't follow any sport. Just a holiday. A few of the couples on our tour were following it though mummsie
  3. Hi Roscoe Mainly going on this cruise to try the ship and the line. We have done many cruises. Figured if it suited we would do a longer one next year. We are just back (2 weeks) from a land based tour in Japan so will be nice to back into cruise mode. i.e. lots of reading. :) Mummsie
  4. sometime since I have been on the boards. Travelling from Auckland to Sydney in the coming weeks. Looking forward to 3 sea days. 🙂
  5. We did a Baltics cruise in May and it was hot in a few places. We actually got sunburn. As others mentioned, a showerproof coat and layers - mummsie
  6. I couldn't agree more. Very annoyed we are docking at Cairns - must me some new construction as we were there for a week last year and the dock was in use. Was hoping to spend the day wandering around - its a lovely city. Not too worried about the extra sea day instead of Kiriwani as we weren't planning to go ashore that day anyway. Mummsie
  7. If you would like to do a world cruise - I would suggest P&O Arcadia. The ship is built for rough seas and P&O have some great speakers that come on to give lectures. Because they specialise is longer cruises, they have huge amounts of entertainers that fly in every week or so so that the shows are always fresh. The only downside is they go from Southampton to Southampton. We are doing a longish cruise on her next year - taking in the segment from Sydney to Singapore via Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. mummsie
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