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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I’m glad to hear you have arrived back home safely. We’ve booked with a cruise travel agent as a package. Looks like Spain is now in the no go zone. Yes I understand why people were moany but you can’t play around with your health.
  2. Yes I know They are, I just thought as people were onboard at the time they may know if the hand gel and washing of hands was stepped up a bit as slot of people were saying previously that it was very lapse.
  3. What was it like onboard ? As in, were they very proactive on hand sanatiser and washing hands etc ? Cleanliness etc.
  4. Maybe they are leaving the ship there then until things improve. They don’t seem to be very forthcoming with details or communication
  5. Oh no! How annoying for you. I wonder why they didn’t allow u to stay onboard even if it’s just in port, you could’ve enjoyed the ship and the weather at least for a day or 2. I wonder if they are leaving the ship in port or moving it with crew only. our cruise isn’t until the end of may and a lot of things will change before then no doubt. I hope you get home ok and dont have any issues. Where are u flying back to ?
  6. ooh I hope they go there in may. Mallorca will be nice.
  7. Hi, please can you post an update on your travels and if any ports were changed
  8. Please may I ask for everyone who is going onto the ship before me (end of may) to post updates on here if that’s ok ? I will do the same when I’m on board. we fly from U.K. to Barcelona No one who is onboard at the minute seems to be on CC or maybe they’re just enjoying themselves too much to post !
  9. Interestingly, it’s not on UK site. It still says that as long as you’re not from or travelled through the 10 towns of quarantine that it’s business as usual from Italy. I wonder why it’s different in USA
  10. I really hope that stays that way for next few months. I’d feel much happier knowing no one from Italy can embark. I know it sounds bad. I wonder where the new ports of call will be though as there are 3 Italy ports of call for our cruise.
  11. Thank you. I’ve read there is a meeting with the top msc people tomorrow so hopefully updates will be forthcoming by msc after that. Some countries have put the whole of Italy on their no go area but U.K. are still saying it’s fine to go apart from the 10 specified towns. It’s all gone into panic mode locally. Shops shelves are empty and A staff member of a shop had a go at me for daring to ask for A second small pack of 5 antibacterial wipes today (it was for 4 of us).
  12. Hi all, I wondered if anyone was either aboard, about to board or has just been onboard and how was the sanatising, general cleanliness and hand gel situation. are msc actively making cruisers hand sanatiser/wash hands like Royal Caribbean do or is it a bit hit and miss like previous posters advise ? we are due onboard end of may with 2 kids and the itinerary is 3 areas of Italy. I’m worried I don’t mind admitting. Right now msc are saying all our money would be lost without options and our TA is saying wait until the last minute to decide. It’s true so many things are changing on a daily basis but I wondered what the feeling was onboard right now. Do you feel safe onboard etc and is there active extra sanatising etc ?
  13. We are diamond matched but they didn’t tell us about the free steak dinner. Is there anything else that we should get that I’ll need to chase up on ? were used to rci where u don’t need to book anything as genie does it all for u. Trying to make sure we don’t miss out on anything. We’re going in may so I’ll post things online ASAP to give others as much info as I can ref yacht club and suites etc etc.
  14. Hi, does anyone have any pictures of the royal suite and/or yacht club on grandiosa ? im trying to see storage in the room and how big the sofa bed is.
  15. Does anyone have any pictures of royal suite and/or yacht club on grandiosa ? I’d be grateful.
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