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  1. I booked our Antarctica trip through the US (in Seattle) office. BUT - before I called to book I did a mock booking on the Norwegian website and did the NOK to USD conversion. The Norwegian website was considerably less expensive. I asked the Seattle office what the downside was to booking directly through the Norwegian site and if he could match the price. Seattle matched the price and also gave me our 5% discount for being a past sailor. I actually booked in July for January 2021. In October (before Hurtigruten canceled the January - March Antarctic cruises) I was able to
  2. I still love Windstar, and the new and "improved" website is aesthetically pleasing, but still missing some of the elements that other cruises lines have. It would be very nice if when searching you could see what cabins are available. I miss the windstarwizard.com
  3. We researched our trip (cruise line, starboard vs. port, etc.) prior to booking. What I finally decided about which side of the ship, is that for the Antarctica portion it does not really matter. The ship does not dock in a port. You reach land by zodiac style boats. Also, Hurtigruten has been very good about turning the ship so that both sides get the chance to see any important landmarks. (We have friends that traveled to Antarctica with Hurtigruten.) The place that it would make a difference is if you were boarding in San Antonio Chili and stopping in some South American ports, or goi
  4. We stayed in Santiago for three nights prior to our cruise. It is about 90 minutes from the port of San Antonio. One of the things we loved in Santiago was the Cable Car up and Funicular down the mountain. At the top is a chapel (lots of stairs to the top) some restaurants and food carts. At the bottom of the Cable Car is a park, and at the bottom of the Funicular is a gift shop, some outdoor gift stalls and restaurants. (See attached map) Valparaiso (90 minute drive) is the other port town. It is much more charming and artsy than San Antonio.
  5. donaldsc - We did a South America trip in February 2020. In several of the ports we did tours that brought us to fabulous penguin spots. So a drive-by Antarctica cruise would give several penguin opportunities. I agree that I will not give an opportunity for boot-on-the-ground. easteregg7 - We have been trying, and are still trying to do an Antarctica cruise with actual landings. We are now rescheduled for January 2022. If you are planning on at least a window cabin check out Hurtigruten. Check pricing on the 12 night on the norwegian site (www.hurtigruten.no) and do the curr
  6. happy_travellers - Iguazu Falls is spectacular. Niagra is a drip in comparison. (Although we were supposed to go to Niagra for New Years. Thanks to COVID, Canada's travel ban made this trip impossible.) Buesos Aires is a fun city to explore. And very inexpensive. If you end up staying in Puerto Madero and like leather goods, go to the Galerias Pacifico Mall. El Boyero had great prices on hand made leather goods. When we go back, I am bringing an empty duffle just for that store. Also, when you get a cab from the airport to the hotel or port, you will go to a kios
  7. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Puerto Madero in March 2020. The Hotel was clean and in an excellent location. We walked to shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing. We have planned an Antarctica trip in 2022 (twice postponed thanks to Covid) and plan to stay there again. We felt very safe, although a lot can change in two years. Since you will be in BA for three or four nights you might want to consider a trip to Iguazu Falls. We spent three nights there at the Gran Melia right in the park on the Argentina side. We took a day trip to the Brazil side. It was one of the hi
  8. TRANSLATION Sanitary measures: President and High Commissioner to speak on Friday The High Commissioner of the Republic, Dominique Sorain, and the President of French Polynesia, Edouard Fritch, will speak this Friday to clarify the adaptations of the health measures applicable in French Polynesia. You can follow our live from 11:15 am. On October 28, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced the establishment of a second containment in France and Martinique from October 30 and until December 1. The overseas departments and territories, with the exception of Martinique, are su
  9. Just curious what Hurtigruten offered to the people who had booked January - March Antarctica cruises. We spoke with our Hurtigruten representative the week prior to this announcement and he strongly advised us to rebook for the same week, same itinerary one year later (January 2021) and Hurtigruten would honor the same booking price. Very glad we did.
  10. This is not what the Tahiti Tourism Board states is required. https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/ We were supposed to leave tomorrow for Tahiti and a Windstar cruise. We had worked out plans A, B, and C to make sure that we would be able to board our Delta Flight. Unfortunately both Windstar and Delta canceled our reservations. We have friends that opted to just spend four plus weeks on the islands. (Can you feel my jealousy through the internet?) A - Get test locally. I called the approved labs to see where we could get a test with 48 hour resul
  11. Just this week we moved our January 2021 Antarctica cruise to January 2022. it is the same cruise one year later. There were still cabins in the same category. We kept our original price.
  12. We are booked on Delta non-stop ATL - EZE. We did Santiago to Buenos Aires February/March of this year. Spent three nights at iguazu Falls and one night inBuenos Aires. Loved both. We got home March 6. Just before everything shut down. As far as I know, no one one our ship got sick.
  13. We are traveling from Atlanta Georgia USA to Buenos Aires. Planning on three nights pre-cruise in Buenos Aires.
  14. We are from the United States and are booked on the Fridtjof Nansen January 16, 2021. We are planning on this trip happening. I have seen the bookings drop from about 69% booked to only 25% booked as of this past Sunday. I know that where you are traveling from will have bearing on the feasibility of traveling to South America. So my questions are: 1. Are you booked on an Antarctica trip in early 2021? 2. Where will you be traveling from?
  15. We were there in early March. At the airport there is a Taxi line. Before the line you go to a kiosk and put in all the information. (were you are going, how many people, how much luggage and cash or credit card.) You will get a receipt with price. Then you get in line. There is a workman that will make sure the driver will take you for the agreed upon price. We went from the ship to the local airport. It was about $6 USD and we tipped the driver the $6. You can also book a private car. From the International Airport (EZE) to the cruise port was about $25. I am guessing th
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