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  1. That is very interesting and I will have to see what I get on our 14 night South American trip. We got the Distinctive Voyages package and I will not change anything because it was such a great deal. The 5 meals is something new to me. Thanks.
  2. You can take the O'Life package and then NOT take the air. Oceania will give you a credit on the cabin cost for the air. We have done this with the two Oceania cruise we have booked. (One taken, one coming up.) This worked out for us because we wanted to fly business with pre and post days added, and Oceania's prices were much higher than booking ourselves.
  3. We are doing a 12 night British Isles cruise next month and we only got 4 meals with the "Free" offer. We are in an SB suite. I think the above number of meals per sailing nights is if you purchase a package.
  4. Where are the smoking areas on Majestic Princess? I hope I did not make a mistake in my cabin choice. I would hate to have smoke invade my balcony.
  5. Thanks for your replies. They ended up booking a BE Balcony on deck 15.
  6. We have friends who are joining us on the Majestic Princess and looking at Balcony Cabins. We discovered the Obstructed Balconies and the Deluxe Obstructed Balconies. They were interested in the forward facing ones on decks 15 and 16 but then found out you cannot use the balcony while the ship is underway. They then looked at the ones aft on deck 8. They are obstructed by the lifeboats. So I am asking for recommendations good and bad for the Obstructed Balconies and the Deluxe Obstructed Balconies. Any to stay away from and why, and any that were a good choice. If it makes a difference, we are booked on deck 8. But I was thinking (right or wrong) for them that the higher the deck the better their view. Thanks.
  7. We were there January 30 - February 13, 2019. (1/31 - 2/10 on Oceania Marina) The weather was perfect. It did rain a few times during the evening, but that made for beautiful photos from our deck. The only island where we really felt the heat was Rangiroa where we walked about two miles exploring the area after our excursion. There was a gentle breeze that kept the heat from being uncomfortable and the bugs away. On the other hand, we have friends who went in February 2018 on Windstar and it rained/stormed non stop and they were never able to get off the ship the whole seven days.
  8. We had a spectacular cruise on the Oceania Marina in Oceania Suite 11083. When I booked this suite I was very curious about the difference between the Deck 12 Oceania Suites and the two aft Oceania Suites on Deck 11. I could not find much information or photos and videos. We loved the suite and the aft location. It was perfect for a warm weather cruise in French Polynesia. We took some photos of the suite that may help someone else make a decision between deck 12 and 11. We are booked on the Riviera in an aft Oceania Suite and are very happy with our choice.
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