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  1. we were supposed to have arrived in Barcelona today for our TA on Allure 😭😭😭
  2. perfect timing @dani negreanu Thank you! Woke up to head to the office this morning and it was 8 out. Luckily, the temps are supposed to go back up over the next week. We fly out Thursday, Nov 5 for the Florida panhandle again. Can NOT wait. It should be in the 70s the whole time we're there.
  3. you're correct 🙂 I'm not as strict about it as I should be, but I can look at a piece of bread and gain 5lbs. Usually, Nate will lose weight on vacation and I gain it...even if I'm diligent and walk 9 miles and we always take the stairs.
  4. Just got off the phone with my dad finalizing our plans for visiting Grandma next weekend...her 84th bday and Nates & I 1 year anniversary...There are some major changes coming for us that Nate & I plan to share with them while we’re there. Also booked our flights to Cancun in Feb for Tulum. Has anyone been to the Tulum ruins or any of the cenotes?
  5. 5 degrees here tonight. Cold cold cold. The dog won’t even go outside. We got about 3 inches or so of snow.
  6. absolutely! 🙂 funny, I just found myself staring at all of our magnets on the fridge and wishing we were putting new ones on this year. We were also at Costco earlier and one of their giant tvs had the Colosseum on it. I see travel everywhere 😭
  7. hmmm made me curious to check mine... says “el paso county has accepted your ballot for counting”....so I take that to mean it has not been counted yet. Will definitely keep watching.
  8. Well said! can't wait for the premier. I follow a few of the actors on IG and no secrets have been given away. LOL.
  9. Same. I had to pick Nate up from the airport last night. He was supposed to get in at 10pm...weather delays made it close to 1am. I emailed my bosses in the middle of the night and said I was going to be working from home today. 😞
  10. I have a sad sad feeling she will not make it 😞 Rip & John will go NUTS baking since I can remember 🙂 yes, for sure!
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