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  1. Thank you everyone! That was one long 10.5 hour flight. I binged Mare of Easttown which was really good. as for JFK, I will avoid this airport in the future at all costs. I will say that downloading mobile passport app and completing it when we landed saved us a ton of time coming through customs. Highly recommend. we just ran through JFK with 5 minutes to spare. Will post more later.
  2. Delta at ATH runs so smoothly. We showed our Covid results and passports and were quickly checked in. Both of our luggage were over weight but they let it go 🙂 once again, I do believe it pays off to a)be kind b)try to at least greet them in their own language. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but OJ in Greece just hits different. It’s all freshly squeezed from their local oranges and is the best we’ve ever had.
  3. our receipt from dinner last night. I think by far our most expensive meal was that first lunch in Santorini at Avocado. It was well over 70 euros. The food was great, but way too much €€€ for a lunch.
  4. There’s a huge tree that the dining room is built around. I’ll have to look up the significance.
  5. They have a huge continental breakfast here. no food for me, but Nate’s breakfast:
  6. And I agree, everyone, about the Heather Morris books. I now have all 3 and have read the first 2 a couple of times.
  7. I asked a follower on Insta and this is what she said: I think they are hospital workers…. Something about “take your suspensions snd get out of here” lol….probably facing suspensions if they don’t vaccinate..like everywhere else. haha I didn’t ask him but probably definitely not
  8. Thanks so much, Norris! I am so excited for you and Carol to have your upcoming trip. We still dream of going to Barcelona. sadly, that cruise was cancelled last year. And Rome…you know how I feel about that city ❤️ Selfishly, can’t wait for you to go on your trip so I can read your trip journal.
  9. The view from our balcony our driver earlier told us this glass sculpture is to reflect a runner as he crosses the finish line at the OLympics not bad considering we’d only done a mile before we got to Athens
  10. And then all of a sudden…. IMG_0040.MOV IMG_0042.MOV
  11. And then we began the 30 minute walk back to the hotel Athens was ALIVE tonight. It’s like 7:30pm hit and everyone woke up. We both loved experiencing this since we haven’t been here at night on our port stops. Street artists were performing everywhere IMG_0031.MOV
  12. We got that dessert 😉 10€ total for both of ours. I got the bubble waffle cone with 1 scoop of cookies gelato. The place was a mad house. I think we waited in line for at least 20 minutes…sorry, Nate.
  13. Sooooo many of the pics I just tried to upload were upside down 😭
  14. We made our way out in search for some dinner. My boss told me to try this bubble waffle thing. We might have to go there for dessert
  15. We pretty much left immediately and made the 45 minute walk to the Acropolis. Why not?! 20€ each and we were some of the last to enter. IMG_9979.MOV
  16. Athens Transfer Services was waiting for us at the ferry and quickly delivered us to the Hilton. We checked into our room on the 10th floor; this time with an Acropolis view. IMG_9957.MOV
  17. How many miles do we think we’ll walk in Athens tonight ? 😬
  18. I just finished reading this book and the ending and epilogue moved me to tears. Highly recommend. we are an hour from Piraeus!
  19. I received an alert from Delta that we could check in…remember at the beginning when I was only able to check Nate in? Well now I was only able To check myself in. LOL full circle 8,50€ for my wine 11,50€ for his sandwich, my Pizza type pastry & a coke zero
  20. Feels like we’re on a cruise ship 😭 mirrored entrance with escalators and stairs into the main seating area. We went all the way forward for business class. So far very impressed.
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