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  1. Thank you all for sharing your covid thoughts. I for one am anxious to get back to normality (that means cruising!)Vaccines make 'dollars and cents' to big-pharma redemption makes sense to mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAYiy_L06t8&feature=youtu.beCheers all.
  2. Q. What approach should experienced cruisers take when planning a future cruise? A. Weight and sea.
  3. Your world, your way. Thank you for your comments. Could not agree more. Photos provide a glimpse, a tiny aperture into the experience that awaits. Surprise yourself. Capture your personal memories and share your passion; pilot boats, food, culture, scenery or in the moment. If you are continuing around the world on Insignia, please post your photos. As pop idols Chad and Jeremy said “but that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone” See_More out (until Regatta in August)
  4. Apr.3.2019. Sorry to hear that due to poaching, Komodo Island National Park will close for one year with hopes of increasing from the current population from 5000.
  5. Hi Jim Beach, hope everyone else on the ship gets to meet you; you are one cool cat ! When you have internet, log to YouTube.com and search SteamrollerTheMusical. Cheers Gary and Brenda
  6. Apr.2.2019 Tokyo, (Oceania extension last day 3) Imperial Palace garden, Edo museum then on our own to Rinkai Kinsai Park home to the big wheel (diamonds and flowers).
  7. Apr.1.2019 A hint to planners; never ever use the times 12AM or 12PM if you insist add or subtract 5 minutes because anti-meridian and post-meridian do not exist at these singularities. Ok to use the 24 hour clock. Best to remove the ambiguity and simply say noon or midnight.
  8. Apr.1.2019 Tokyo (Oceania extension day 2) began at Asakusa Senso-Ji Temple, down Nakamise-dori and on our own to Skytree Tower, charged a Suica card and took JR line back to Keio-department store for the Hilton shuttle. ... ok the secret is out, we’re foodies. Lamb vindaloo and Goa fish curry with accoutrements. “The Japanese spend time waiting; We spend time berating: The Japanese smell the roses; we sell the roses” Gary W. Ferguson
  9. Mar.31.2019 Tokyo (post cruise oceania day 1) Tokyo (radio) tower, Meiji Shrine, Metropolitan Building 45th floor (free). Mnt Fuji in the distance
  10. Mar.30.2019 Tokyo, Rikugien Gardens. Cherry blossom night illuminated! Gathered 6 friends and took the Oceania shuttle (near train station). From the stop, passed a McDonald’s and Starbucks to platform 2 at Kamagome station (ticket 170 yen per person) the park is a few hundred meters away. 6PM(sunset) the entrance line may appear endless but it moves quickly. “Two old, old” got us the seniors rate (150 yen each). Enjoy the spectacle at night 130 year old magnificent cherry blossom in full bloom. Then retrace your steps, platform 1 one stop after Tokyo station back to the shuttle. The
  11. Mar.30.2019 Great Expectations.... what a water cannon (fire-boat) celebration may look like... coming soon to an Insignia near you. Welcome to Tokyo... and one for the snowbirds!
  12. Mar.30.2019 Safely off the ship, beyond the range of cranked up hearing aids, some secrets can be shared... aboard ship, days of week do not apply; days are either donut days or sticky bun. For the truly adventurous try the salt and pepper in the main dining room, the convention of one hole for salt and five to seven for pepper do not apply; you may even get ebony and ivory on the same keyboard. Half orders are available. If you are oscillating on a narrow passage commit to the left or right... with luck you will confront a Canadian, by nature they avoid oncoming traffic. When playing bri
  13. Mar.29.2019 Kyoto, Japan - Golden Pavilion (historic site) and Nino Castle ... a word to the wise: “friendships are like pets, if you don’t feed them they perish” Gary W. Ferguson
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