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  1. Thanks, I actually know 2 US Travel Agents but was more looking for an online price checker. As it goes some friends of mine from the US looked up the US$ prices of the Bliss to travel with us and our AI price of £3500 was better than their $4200 with just internet and drinks as a perk. I've emailed my cruise consultant to reserve a mini suite on the Bliss.
  2. We have 2 cruise credits that we need to use but I do not want to book all inclusive. We are not drinkers, nor do we have bottled water, nor do we use premium dining. Ever. Because my son has autism we just want to Freestyle cruise and tend to use the buffet, however the UK prices are now all inclusive so they have shot right up. When the price is give got 4 people, 2 of kids, and it's more or less charging them for an alcohol package, plus the additional dining. Where can I get a price that does not include this stuff please. We was supposed to use both cruise certs on a Transatlantic last April but my teenage daughter had a stroke last summer and, because she was having TIA's, the insurance company would not let her fly. besides, it was a huge risk being at sea with her health in a precarious way. If you can point me in the direct of a US site where I can check prices online rather than getting quotes, I would be most grateful. The US site always diverts back to the US site when I browse. Thank you.
  3. I think you have misunderstood my post, I am well aware if how it works - but yes, it does. If I pay and get a refund in the same billing/statement period (ie. Pay on the 1st and refunded on the 30th) the 2 transactions cancel each other out in the statement and if you have no other transactions going through a balance if 0.00 will be due. In this case, I cancelled 14 days after booking so yes, the debit and credit should have been applied in the same billing month to cancel out the amount due. It wasn't completely unpaid as I pay by DD but had they refunded it WHEN they cancelled (as most retailers do) no money would have been due. If you buy and return something from Amazon, would you find it acceptable to wait 6 weeks for a refund? No, me either. I run my own business accepting card, a refund is a click of one button on a screen. It's a but shoddy if them to leave people 6 weeks or more for a refund.
  4. Yes, it is definitely there. When we log into My NCL it gives you a choice of trips and you pay for them at time of booking them in GBP. It was not charged to my account but directly to my credit card at time of booking. I did not pay it last month as was expecting it to drop in and cancel out, but it didn't.
  5. Thanks for the reply's everyone. I have emailed NCL excursions to bring this up with them - the same address used to cancel. I will give them 5 days to respond, and if not, I will then go to the bank as this will be 2 attempts at trying to speak to them with no reply. If it is 6 weeks then the payment might drop back on before the end of the week anyway. To clarify, this was a single SHOREX booking, and it would not have hit my on board account as I bought online before I went, hence being charged in GBP, the charge is definitely there and the refund is not. This is not something I would have been able to sort out on the ship. We had lots of envelopes left, tickets was not one of them and it was also missing from my bookings page (shows were still there) so it was definitely cancelled their end. It would just be nice to be told how long it will take. Thanks again.
  6. I booked an excursion in January, a few weeks later we realised that it was not really suitable for us due to my disabled sons needs so we cancelled. Cancellation was 1st Feb by email, sailing 14th Feb, excursion was on 19th Feb. Price was almost £250. I did not get any confirmation but the next day checked My NCL and it was no longer showing. When we got on board there were no tickets waiting for us so clearly the excursion was cancelled. Only I have no refund in my account, I have just been through my CC statement and it was not refunded to my OBA either (we paid in GBP before sailing). Where do I direct my complaint to please. Thanks
  7. We did 2 large paper bags, full of ours and the children's clothes, and we had one $19.99 charge. I had a jumper in there and it came back fine. I had white and colours and like everyone else it all came back absolutely fine. I had one bag back the next day and the other the day after. It is the 2nd time I have used this on the cruise. I love it!!
  8. I am just looking at that cabin as it seems to be the only penthouse available. £6600 to sit in a dark hole under the bridge? I am stunned. Connecting balconies for us this time then.
  9. Ah, ignore me. I found it. Was looking in the wrong place.
  10. Hi, how do I cancel a shore excursion please? I am in the UK, do I use the .com number for the US? I think we are going to struggle with the travel time to and from as it's a good 90 minutes each way so going to cancel and have a rethink.
  11. Seems your message was also culled when they cleaned up the thread to make it useful, but I dod get your post with the links to the page and they were really useful, thank you. I had started reading that but I had gotten distracted in looking for the secret stairwell LOL. I did see there were 5 days of the planners posted further on in the thread you posted: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2300592 There is a fair amount for families to do together so that is really useful. Seems more moves this time around than there was before. Do you know about the movies at Spice H2O? It seems there are kids movies on the screen during the day, but I cannot take kids into that area during the day? Have I got that right? Thanks.
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