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  1. For the month of February for the Los Angeles Cruise Terminal... I have been told that there is some delay imposed by the port authorities on both embarkation and debarkation. Many debarkation flights have been affected and letters have been sent regarding delayed embarkation. On our cruise .... we received a letter from Princess that had an earliest boarding of 1:30 PM!!
  2. Has anyone done a Super Bowl Sunday at sea on Princess?? We are cruising with Princess on Super Bowl Sunday and "my team" has a chance of being a participant!! I really want to be prepared no matter what team is going to play!! I presume the Big Screen (MUTS) has the game live... Do the bars and casino have special considerations?? Is the game broadcast in the Main Theater?? Special drinks?? Parties?? TIA
  3. And there you have it!! If those other cruise lines fit your dress better... go for it!! I'm sure they will welcome your patronage. It's all about MONEY!! If your opinion and choice of another cruise line is making more money for them, ... Princess will surely follow to make a profit. We will still be the couple on formal nights in the MDR, me in the tuxedo with the fabulous lady in an evening gown.. drinking a martini.. making wonderful memories to share and having a great time!
  4. This is just me.. and how you do your formal nights is completely up to you!! No judgement here... DON"T judge this!!! I have always worn a tuxedo on formal nights. I bought one just for cruises. We are going on a South Pacific cruise soon and I'm getting a white dinner jacket to fit in the warmer temperature. Formal wear makes great pictures and memories. We love and treasure the pictures of us in formal wear on cruises. It reminds of of the wonderful time we had spending the money we saved to have a good time on vacation. I have plenty of pictures of all of us in daily dress. We like a special vacation to have special memories and pictures. It's a lot of fun to "dress up" and feel like you own the boat once in a while. I'll smile at you in the MDR ... give me a smile back!!
  5. My wife and I like to play trivia often! On one Princess cruise we were "interviewed" by a couple to see if we knew enough general trivia to be on their team. To be truthful with you,.. we have a very large cache of Princess trinkets and trash that has been collected as prizes or gifts from Princess that I would love to unload ! We DON'T need anymore! If you have a better memory than us... let me buy you a drink and say.. Good on you!!! It is very obvious when people use additional sources. If we got the same answer on our own.. who is smarter and who cares??
  6. Most of time I have chosen to my own laundry, it's been VERY late at night/early morning!!! I know much as I may try to be quiet.. it is probably way noisier than others think I should be. Just opening and closing doors late at night when there is no other noise seems very loud. If it were me.. I'd choose another cabin. IMOHO
  7. I have been scrutinized in my previous cruises by several trivia pros just in order to be on their team!! I have personally seen several persons playing trivia with us using media in order to gain an advantage and I have also reported it ... ASAP. It's not about the dollar 2 ninety eight prizes.. IT"S.... ARE YOU SMARTER AT THAT GIVEN TIME THAN US?? I have plenty of Princess trinkets if you need them.... but don't be a cheater..
  8. Does anyone know how many Club Class suites are designated on the Emerald Princess?? Has anyone had a bad experience with upgrading to Princess Club Class??
  9. On our cruise from Quebec to Fort Lauderdale in late October, we stayed at the Hotel Le Germain Dominion Quebec City. We arrived two days early to see the sites and, trust me... that is not enough!! This hotel is reasonably priced, rooms are nice, very centrally located to local transportation and easy walking distance to many restaurants. Most of all... it is literally a little over 100 meters from the front door to the front of the cruise terminal entrance!! It was windy and spitting rain on embarkation, but the short walk was not bad at all.
  10. It's a running joke with my wife and me.... I order a "Vodka Tonic" and they always ask if I have preference of "Vodka?" My answer, that seems to offend my wife all the time is "Is your tonic water any good!?" You shouldn't taste the Vodka in the drink... and gin drinkers always know the difference between good giin and bad gin.
  11. Apologies if this has been reviewed before. We are sailing on the Emerald early 2020 to the South Pacific. I think a duvet/topper may be too hot to sleep in that climate even with air conditioning. What is the process to get two sheets when you get on board? Do you tip the room attendant when asking for two sheets? Should there be additional gratuities for the extra sheet? TIA
  12. I have said this so many times on this site "A cruise is NOT a camping trip!!"
  13. I'll be the one in formal wear on "Formal Night".
  14. I enjoy EVERYONE of my Princess cruises. I paid my fare and would like to enjoy my cruise thinking everyone else paid good money to have a good time and worth ALL the the money they paid. I don't think that it is correct that just because you want to diminish your experience... you should be able to affect all of the others. Enjoy every one of your cruises... make them a very memorable experience and don't be the odd man out!!!!
  15. A Princess cruise is not a camping trip, no matter how much your paid for your accommodations. When you are on a "Luxury" cruise ship .. act like you are getting one up on everyone , (because your are) and be just a bit over the top with your actions, manners and attitude. We ALL have paid the fare... you get to make it a big deal or not with your actions and appearance. IMOHO!!!
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