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  1. eurodolphin

    What would you do?

    Thx for all the comments so far. i know it is not a corner aft but I d7d a search and have seen pictures here on cc that clearly show that the balcony is substantially bigger. Can anyone here confirm this I know that the inside space is a little tighter though..
  2. eurodolphin

    What would you do?

    It still is within our budget, but a little hard to justify (especially to my DH);) the extra 400pp compared to what we paid for our gty, 790pp... The question would I regret it the whole time during the cruise if I don't do it...that's a very good one! decisions, decisions...
  3. eurodolphin

    What would you do?

    Our reason to pay for this upgrade would be that 7690 is an aft balcony with a much larger balcony!
  4. eurodolphin

    What would you do?

    Would love to hear different opinions on this: a couple of days ago we booked an X balcony gty for the TA cruise on NOS, april 28, celebrating our 30th anniversary :) We got a cabin assignment the next day, a D1 on deck 9: #9676 (I was a little surprised to get this one because I know it's connected to an inside and makes for a wanted configuration for families, but I guess not alot of them on the TA). Now today an aft cabin opened up, #7690. although this is "only" an E1 cat it is currently priced 400 dollars pp more than what we paid for our gty. Is it worth it? would you make the change? thx for your thoughts.
  5. eurodolphin

    Equinox 03/14-03/25 review

    Happened to me as well.. just go to post number 21 where the link for day 5 is. Click on this link and you will be able to read day 6 as well ☺
  6. eurodolphin

    Allitalia strike

    Just thought I'd post this info. I monitor this website where you can see if there are any strikes going on in Italy and this morning when I got on, this is what I found :eek: : "Thursday, July 18, 2013 Alitalia personnel will be on strike for 4 hours, from 12 pm to 4 pm. Please check with your ticket office whether this will affect your flight." Hope this isn't affecting anyone of you, but if it is, better to be prepaired! We are cruising from Venice but flying in on the 19th!
  7. eurodolphin

    tendering in Split and catching an early ferry

    Hank, thanks we'll hope for the best then!
  8. eurodolphin

    Has anyone bought inflatable footstools

    Last year on the Solstice we also used the basket/cage. This worked great but then one morning our room steward kindly asked us not to use it anymore (not sure how he knew, because we always put it back under the bed when leaving the cabin:confused:). He said that if we would continue putting it out on the balcony, he could get in trouble because it was not allowed since the cage was part of "material used in case of emergency" and there were strict rules about the storage and use of this equipment:eek: So we stopped using it and will bring an inflatable ball on our Silhouette cruise in a few weeks.
  9. eurodolphin

    tendering in Split and catching an early ferry

    [quote name='Chloe1500']Perhaps I am wrong, but we tendered to the area in the port with the palm trees and the ferries were coming and going very close by. Here is a photo I found on the ferry port website if that helps lend some perspective.[/QUOTE] Yes, you are right, this picture shows how close it is, thank you! Gives us hope that we will get to the ferry in time:)
  10. eurodolphin

    tendering in Split and catching an early ferry

    [quote name='snaebyllej']If the MapQuest map of Split is correct, the pier for Solta ferries is about a half mile from where our Westerdam tender dropped us off right in front of the palace walls.[/QUOTE] Thanks, that's nice to know!
  11. eurodolphin

    Silhouette tendering, how long does it take?

    Essiesmom, that's good advice, we'll do that. Thanks!
  12. eurodolphin

    Silhouette tendering, how long does it take?

    flames9, thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time take my questions seriously.
  13. eurodolphin

    Silhouette tendering, how long does it take?

    [quote name='mferranti']31 minutes, 27 seconds. Give or take.[/QUOTE] ???:confused:
  14. eurodolphin

    Silhouette tendering, how long does it take?

    Anyone else who has had a first hand experience with this, please?