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  1. pgm2786

    Norwegian Dawn Review 2/3 - 2/10

    Coryann, I may have missed it but did you explained why you got the "Suite" Perks
  2. pgm2786

    Logan to Black Falcon Pier

    You can catch the Silver Line which is a bus service that will drop you off at the Cruise Terminal, catch it just outside the baggage area.
  3. We just returned from a 12 day cruise onboard the Dawn, the free laundry service was per Platinum Member. Two members = two free laundry bags. We were able to use this service any day of the cruise ... it did not have to be the day it was offered. The laundry bags had to be placed on the beds before 11 am and was returned at 6 pm that evening. Check with your cabin stewarts, a seven day cruise may be different
  4. pgm2786

    Frustrated with Norwegian

    The OP has said the phone was delivered to the Cruise Ship, If I am reading this thread right the OP was still on the ship when the phone was delivered. Why didn't the OP go to the service desk then to ask if anybody turned in a phone ? The phone could have been lost anywhere during the day. Also the person who delivered the might have been able to retrive the name of the owner from the phone it self before they turned it in.
  5. pgm2786

    Dawn Sail Away from Boston

    Hope you stoped at Sullivan's for a hotdog and onion rings :p
  6. pgm2786

    Laundry Services

    2inTul Thank you very much
  7. pgm2786

    Laundry Services

    Can anybody give me an idea when the "Laundry Service" is available on the 11 day cruise onboard the Dawn Thanks
  8. pgm2786

    Who do the porters work for?

    I believe it is the ILA
  9. Try the Moderators listed on the bottom of the front page of Norwegian Cruise Line [URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/member.php?u=786"][COLOR=red]Host Mama[/COLOR][/URL], [URL="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/member.php?u=51198"][COLOR=red]Host Star[/COLOR][/URL] Host Star and Host Mama
  10. [quote name='family cruisers']I just checked the NCL storm info and it says the spirit will most likely be delayed getting into bermuda by a day depending on the wind/storm in BDA. If you don't mind me asking, where is this web site ?
  11. pgm2786

    tax and port charge

    If it's before final payment and the Fees and Taxes were reduced, yes I would contact the TA and request an adjustment. Our Repo Cruise in October also had the Fees and Taxes reduced. We received a $190 adjustment to our final payment.
  12. pgm2786

    AARP discount

    Best information one can give without errors is to call NCL direct. Ask them for the best price with the best applicable discounts. It costs nothing to ask. 1-866-234-7350
  13. pgm2786

    Bus from Boston to NY terminal?

    Google Entertainment Tours. The web-site will show price time and locations. They pick up at South Station, Rhode Island and Conn. They drop you off at the terminal right outside the Pier at around noon. The return pick you up is at the same location around noon. We have used them several times and didn't have a problem.
  14. In 2008 we sailed with RCI on an Eastbound Atlantic crossing out of Santo Domingo. We had the air fare included in our reservation. When we received our documentations we found out that a pre-cruise hotel stay was included, no where did it say a hotel room was included. We are looking into a RCI Westbound crossing this Fall out of Rome. Does RCI always include a pre-cruise hotel stay when you have the air-fare included in your reservation ?
  15. pgm2786

    Rubber Gloves?

    If your hands are touching "THONGS" in the buffet line, I wonder how many times you had your face slapped .... be careful the husban may be next to you :rolleyes: