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  1. This is America. Stupid people welcome to keep being as stupid as they want. Don’t get vaccinated. But they’re almost certain to be severely limiting their travel choices. Even if some countries allow the unvaccinated in, how are those dummies even going the get there? Airlines? Doubt it. No one wants to be sharing a plane with virus-spewing cretin. Airlines don’t even let people smoke on a plane. They’re not going to knowingly expose their crews and passengers to a moron who could be carrying a deadly infectious disease. Think of the liability! Cruise lines? H
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/02/cdc-fully-vaccinated-may-travel/ Federal health officials gave the green light Friday for fully vaccinated people to resume travel as an estimated 100 million Americans have had at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine, and evidence mounts of the shots’ effectiveness. The long-awaited guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is welcome news for the growing number of vaccinated adults who want greater freedom to visit family members and take vacations for the first time in a year. It is also expe
  3. Doctor here. Are you all fellow Americans and talking about the 3x5"-ish CDC COVID vaccination card? My thought is: Don't depend on it being good for international travel. It might be, but let's face it, there's lots of reasons why you'll probably be using something else for travel between the US and many other places. The first couple of things that come to mind are: The current global standard is the "International Certification of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" authorized by the World Health Organization. Most of us recognize this as a piece of yellow cardstock that fold
  4. Doctor here. I second complaywer. I spent the past year helping to save people from COVID, and some of my colleagues died doing so. Masks and vaccines are not an overreaction to a global pandemic that stretched ICUs in some places to the bursting point and killed 550k Americans. If some cruise lines want to cater to COVID-deniers, anti-maskers, and anti-vaxxers? Let 'em. I'll be sailing with a cruise line that caters to people who get vaccinated, wear masks and wash their hands after they use the restroom.
  5. As I understand it, the US-based cruise industry is on hold and waiting for a number of signals to resume. One is for the CDC to issue "return to cruising" guidelines. The crowded conditions and the degree of intermingling on a cruise ship make it the perfect place to share disease. We know this. Norovirus. Right? So, I expect the guidelines to be balancing the knife edge of "too strict" and "too inconvenient". And it's not just the CDC. It's the jurisdictions of the various ports of call. Many of those may just follow along with the CDC. But I expect the final common criteria has
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