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  1. There's a surprise! At least we know that in a year when almost everything has changed, P&O’s IT systems have survived in exactly the same shape as before 😂
  2. That would make a lot more sense than 20%. I wonder if they might release more cabins if demand exceeds supply, although 45% on Iona is still almost 2,500 passengers, so that might be enough for them to establish the new ship and ensure that everyone gets a positive experience?
  3. Surely it can’t be that low Wowzz? I would have thought that they’d need 50-60% minimum just to break even, and even that would be with a reduced sized crew. Unless they are running them at a big loss just to get them back up and running for the proper restart in the Autumn? That could help explain the excessive prices?
  4. I am certainly no expert on insurance, but my guess would be that insurance companies could argue against a claim made between now and 17th May, as the ‘no cruising’ order is still in place, but the insurance would be valid from 17th May (when, hopefully, that instruction is removed) and that, of course, would cover the cruise itself as they are all after this date. Also, the potential lack of cover between now and 17th May wouldn’t matter due to P&O’s flexible cancellation policy? Like others, I can’t see them selling cruises that carry a condition of having a high level of insurance if t
  5. I don’t think that they would have to remain within UK waters at all times, given that ‘international waters’ doesn’t constitute going abroad as it’s really ‘no mans land’ (if that makes sense) and nobody is getting off, so not going abroad.
  6. Blimey. I’ve just checked my records and that’s around £200 a night more than we have paid for full suites on Britannia (3 times), Ventura and Arcadia for proper cruises. Doubtless some will be prepared to pay that, but I can see why you aren’t amongst them!
  7. The email that I have just received from P&O states that these cruises will operate at reduced capacity, which is reassuring if the weather is poor as they should feel less packed inside than they would usually on bad weather sea days. Has anyone heard what the capacity is for these cruises? I also wonder if they will scrap Club dining on Britannia and make all restaurants Freedom? I’m just wondering how Club would work if people can’t share with others, yet still turn up at just two set times?
  8. That’s a shame Pete. We were booked on the original Iona maiden cruise as well. Out of interest, how much were they asking for a suite on the maiden ‘cruise to nowhere’?
  9. Interesting that they are selling inside cabins as there had been speculation (fuelled by the fact that the ‘from’ prices were all balcony cabins) that they wouldn’t be using them. Hopefully that makes these cruises more affordable for those who are happy with inside cabins. I hope that everyone wishing to book one of these cruises is successful today and I look forward to reading the reviews once these cruises happen, especially Iona as we hope to do a Fjords cruise on her in the future, having been booked on her maiden cruise.
  10. I think that you may have misunderstood the point, which was that a room in a modern Premier Inn is better equipped and more comfortable than a cabin on a P&O ship. Clearly the two aren’t really comparable, as one is a land based hotel and the other on a cruise ship travelling to different places with food and entertainment, but the point was made as someone had likened P&O cabins to boutique hotels, which I felt was a stretch! I’m sure that we all worked hard for our money, whatever jobs we did. I was a director of a large household name company and although now retired I
  11. We don’t go on holidays for entertainment John! That’s why we don’t go to holiday camps or resort hotels and when on a cruise the things we enjoy are the ports, the food and some of the talks, but rarely the ‘entertainment’. As for food, Premier Inn breakfasts are fantastic (albeit at extra cost). Before my wife was disabled we used to stay in top end hotels, but struggle with them now as very few have good enough accessible bedrooms with wet rooms etc. When planning a touring holiday of Scotland we gave up trying to find suitable accommodation, so booked fully accessible bedrooms in Premier I
  12. Even the full suites aren’t exactly spacious. I know that it’s unfair to compare a cabin on a cruise ship with a hotel, but I was amused that someone likened them to a boutique hotel the other day. They certainly aren’t a patch on any boutique hotels that I’ve stayed in. I don’t know how many people have stayed in the modern Premier Inn’s, but their bedrooms, bathrooms, standards of equipment and comfort are far superior to that offered in a P&O cabin and if you book in advance you can get them for as little as £30 per night total. Admittedly the views out of the windows aren’t as interes
  13. I am at a complete loss as to the point you are making. Perhaps it’s just me? You are correct that any cruises departing before 17th May would be against government advice, but none of them are. We are taking about cruises after this date, which are permitted unless the roadmap dates slip. If the roadmap dates move beyond the date that the cruises are due to start then the cruise operators would have to cancel them, but I think that’s extremely unlikely. People wanting to go on these cruises will be able to get insurance as theses cruises comply with the roadmap. I don’t wish to appear rude, b
  14. The advice that you quote was issued in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic and has been superseded by the roadmap out of lockdown. There is no way that any cruise company would be operating cruises in UK waters if it was against government advice. You are worrying unnecessarily based upon out of date information. Keep in mind that these cruises don’t start until after the roadmap dates allow it. They aren’t starting tomorrow!
  15. Good choice Mim. The Med in September will be lovely and Azura has some nice Select dining restaurants and the ship will be closer to what you are used to. Apologies if I gave you the wrong impression. We first cruised with P&O 25 years ago and back then it was quite upmarket and with a price tag to suit. Nowadays they have completely changed their proposition (and prices) and you will now find a complete cross section of people on it, all of whom have a common interest - a love of cruising. We have met hundreds of people of P&O ships over the years and can count on one hand the people
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