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  1. That,s great! Thanks for your replies:D
  2. Hi I’m new to Princess. I’ve sailed with all the other mainstream lines so Princess is my only holdout. We are taking a 10 day Christmas cruise with my son and his family on the Crown Princess December 17-27, 2018. We are on the Riviera deck and I was wondering if there is a door on this deck leading out to the Terrace pool area. :D
  3. :D:D I lke your attitude! Enjoy those extra days with your family!
  4. Here in the Dallas area there are road signs stating not to drive to the Texas coast.
  5. Rain is now coming down at 2-4 inches per HOUR in Houston. They are telling people to stay in and DO NOT try to drive. It's a serious situation. Whether it lets up is yet to be seen.
  6. Can you tell me which night is the first formal night?
  7. How exciting! The fun is in the planning! You will feel overwhelmed the first day at the size and things offered on the ship. Enjoy!
  8. Yes the Royal Replenish Package DOES include all non alcoholic fruity drinks such as Pina Colodas, Vocanoes, Daquires etc. it also includes fresh squeezed OJ, regular brand bottled water ( not Evian), all soft drinks and any iced or hot specialty coffees. If your ship has a separate Starbucks kiosk it DOES NOT include those. Do not confuse this with a kiosk selling Starbucks as the newer and some of the refurbished ships have separate kiosk. You can get one type of a drink at a time. In other words, you cannot get 2 bottled waters, 2 cokes etc. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. A Baltic cruise is on my bucket list for sure! Some very gorgeous photos too! Those Princess cruise desserts are prettier than any cruiseline I've ever been on including Celebrity!
  10. What a romantic way to start your life together. It's simple yet beautiful! Thanks for sharing your special day with us! Best wishes to you both!
  11. I also some questions if you don't mind my asking on the OP's thread here. 1. Where do you get fresh squeezed OJ in the buffet on the Navigator and 2. Is Jonny Rockets open for lunch on port days? I know all other restaurants are closed but not sure about this one. Such good information being shared here!
  12. I don't know about Alaska or what you think would be important to them but Royal Carribean has some of the most beautiful well laid out ships of any line. They are not as good of a value as Princess with drinks and specialty dining. Princess would probably have a better type of Alaska experience. That being said Royal Carribean does have a movie screen on deck but I think the Movies Under the Stars on Princess is enhanced by padded loungers and pop corn available and show a bit more movies in the evening than Royal Carribean does. They have rock climbing walls and ice skating as well as a terrific ice show! If the movies are extremely important then I give the edge to Princess. Also if cheaper costs for drinks are important. Otherwise I think your teens would love Royal Carribean.
  13. I haven't sailed Princess. My first Princess cruise is December of next year. Looking forward to it. I am Platinum with Royal Carribean and here is my humble opinion based on that and what I do know about Princess. I would first look at Itinerrary and determine what ports are most important to you. Royal Cartibean has the most beautiful well laid out ships of almost any line! Their Radiance class ships have tons of windows. You really feel like you are at sea. Royal Cartibean has very good entertainment. You should not be bored at all. Food is decent but I can't compare it it Princess. Princess is a better value for the money in that Royal Cartibean's drink prices are definitely higher and specialty restaurants more expensive. The Royal Princess seems like a very nice ship. Princess offers more food available later in the evenings. The Royal Cartibean ships have a bit better space ratio. The balconies are good size on Royal Carribean and and beds more comfortable but the beds on Royal could be different because it is new. And of course it is new compared with the Serenade. Depends on what is most important to you. Good luck choosing.
  14. Got the AIBP just a few days ago! Balcony was the exact same price just yourt the package thrown in!
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