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  1. You can either get offers like the screenshot below of a free cruise or money off. If you call the number listed in the fine print for booking through the casino they can check to see if you have any other offers you may have missed. They also sometime have a monetary value off of cruises that are not listed. I used one of these vouchers for money off a cruise in January and they ended up comping a promenade view room, all I had to do is pay taxes, port fees and gratuities! Good Luck!
  2. Here is a review of the same room on deck 7. Looks like you have a full view unless you look down, then you can see the life boats! Happy Cruising!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtllsLq3zjE Here is someones review from the same exact layout of few floors below. About the halfway point you can see how lovely the balcony is.
  4. I've been on the Anthem many times - and the room is the same size but since it is on the bump out the balcony will be larger. If I remember properly half of that balcony is in the shade and half in the sun. I would book it ^.^
  5. I checked the cruise planner and they actually do offer a 50 minute facial for $2450. Some fancy age defying thing.
  6. That happens to me when I sign in and it won't work. The work around I figured out was - Step 1 - go to Sign in page and enter email and password and then hit sign in Step 2- After 10 seconds or so of the page trying to load I click on 'create an account'' located under sign in Step 3- scroll down and hit sign in and it works.
  7. In my experience it is better to book when they have a sale going on. On board they usually charge a premium and the amount you save for 1 day does not make up for the additional cost. For example on my upcoming march cruise on anthem they are offering voom surf+stream for $11.99 a day if I book online. When I was on the cruise in September (yes... I am taking the same ship and near same itinerary...) they were offering it for $19.99 a day.
  8. On Anthem a lot of the obstructed view balconies are on deck 6 and some on deck 7. Sometimes if they assign you to an obstructed view balcony you can call them up and ask them to switch you to another room in the same category.
  9. I booked it first and took a pdf of the details on their website. I knew it was most likely wrong but I was hoping they would get me passes at least. I think I am more peeved it took them over an hour to tell me no and then offer me strawberries >.<
  10. That's why I was peeved they offered me strawberries as some grand gesture!!!
  11. I am so peeved, I went onto my cruise planner and they were offering the Coco Beach Club for $65.99 for up to 8 people + cabana (and yes I knew this was most likely an mistake on someones behalf). I was hoping that they would honor it or the very least let me bring two of my friends for that price just to the reserved area. But nope, after an HOUR on hold they offer me chocolate covered strawberries and that's it.
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